From Haircuts to Corporate: Maximizing Education Benefits to Advance Your Career

From Haircuts to Corporate: Maximizing Education Benefits to Advance Your Career

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In December of 2023, Dusty graduated from Concordia University St. Paul with a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership. She also earned a Business Generalist Certificate and an Associate of Science: Business Transfer Pathway. 

These achievements represent for Dusty not only academic milestones, but also the cultivation of skills honed in the midst of real-world work experience.

“After a 15-year break since graduating from high school and cosmetology school, I made the deliberate choice to return to education," said Dusty. “The compelling tuition reimbursement benefit offered by my employer, Great Clips, Inc., motivated this decision, prompting me to maximize the value of this educational support.”

Dusty began her career at a Great Clips salon as a receptionist in 1997. Over time, she worked her way up to be a salon manager, and today, she is an Operations Systems specialist at their corporate office. 

Every year, Great Clips, Inc. provides employees an annual tuition reimbursement benefit for pursuing a degree from an accredited school. Great Clips, Inc. contributes an average of $43,000 annually to this program to help employees grow in their career, broaden their knowledge, and increase their skill set.

Dusty’s dedication to completing her college degree spanned eight years from start to finish. She successfully navigated through rigorous academic commitments while working full-time, which required frequent travel, and fulfilling family obligations at home. Throughout this time, her commitment to earning her degree remained unwavering. Determined to finish her degree, Dusty turned to StraighterLine.

“Leveraging the resources provided by StraighterLine not only expedited the attainment of my degree but also trimmed down the overall duration, reducing it by at least a year.”

Online Courses She Completed at StraighterLine

She completed four courses with StraighterLine including Introduction to Environmental Science, Personal Fitness & Wellness, Student Success, and Personal Finance

“I would highly recommend StraighterLine to others for several compelling reasons. It offers a significant reduction in costs, you have the freedom to work on your courses at your own pace, and an efficient transcript process.”

Dusty appreciated StraighterLine for its flexibility in accommodating her busy work and life schedules and allowing for a more personalized learning experience. She valued being able to take the time needed to complete courses without feeling rushed. Also, because the courses are self-paced, Dusty said, “They helped me to practice skills such as goal setting, time management, and accountability.”

She also appreciated StraighterLine’s exam process and student support. Like at traditional colleges and universities, StraighterLine’s exams are proctored to ensure academic integrity so that your courses count for real college credit. 

“The proctoring process for exams is straightforward, and the support team is readily available to assist with any issues you may encounter,” she said. 

“By enrolling in StraighterLine courses and leveraging available discounts, I managed to save thousands of dollars,” said Dusty. “Overall, my experience has been positive. I believe it offers a valuable and convenient option for individuals seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their education.”

Her professional journey has helped her advance her career and build skills in analytics, strategizing, collaboration, communication, and project planning.

When asked to name one thing she would tell a prospective student about StraighterLine, Dusty said, “Just try one course! You won't regret it!”

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