How Do StraighterLine Online Courses Work?

How Do StraighterLine Online Courses Work?

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We get a lot of questions about our online college courses. Today, we are going to answer some of the most common ones that students ask about how our courses work.

How Do StraighterLine Online Courses Work?

What type of college courses does StraighterLine offer?

StraighterLine offers 60+ general education courses that students often take during the first couple years of earning a bachelor's degree. Students also take our online courses to complete prerequisites, electives, or lower division foundation courses - Example: Bus 101 Introduction to Business.  Our online courses are all self-paced, meaning you can start the course whenever you would like and complete it within a time frame that fits your schedule.

How long does an online course take to complete at StraighterLine?

On average, it takes a student 4-6 weeks to complete one of our online college courses. However, it all depends on your individual situation, your college course experience, skills, familiarity with the subject matter and the amount of time you have to allocate to the course. Many students finish finish our courses in less than a month.

Do I have to complete homework assignments or just take a few exams?

At StraighterLine, we only require that students complete all the graded or required assignments such as quizzes, exams, labs and essays and receive a 70% or above in the course. There will be practice assignments that students can complete on their own that are not graded. These practice sessions are solely there for your benefit, an opportunity to test your growing knowledge in a low risk environment. When you look to transfer credit – the standard guideline (not a rule, every school is a little different!) for getting credit from other institutions will be earning a “C” or better, but some schools will require a number grade and/or have their own definition of what makes up a “C” grade.

Do I need a book and does it come with the course?

A major obstacle standing in the way of college student achievement can be the cost of textbooks. We’ve seen the great lengths students have gone through to track down affordable textbooks, wasting valuable time and money. At StraighterLine, eTextbooks are included with the course for free and students have immediate access to the the eTextbook -- available anywhere, anytime -- and for free and on mobile devices.

How much do Straighterline courses cost?

Our courses are very affordable. With our $99 month subscription, courses starts at $79. The number of courses you can add to the subscription is unlimited.

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