High Paying Science Jobs That Are In Demand

High Paying Science Jobs That Are In Demand
Beth Dumbauld

Reviewed by Josianne Campbell

There are plenty of high-paying science jobs you can choose from depending upon the degree you earn. If tackling challenging problems, conducting long-term research, and meticulously documenting results appeals to you, then consider these science fields when you graduate from college:

Biologist: Biologists study living organisms and how they interact within certain environments. It is a very important field of science. This is why Biologists are well-paid in the United States.

Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical Engineering combines medicine and biology to improve healthcare, by offering innovative ways to diagnose, and monitor patients. It also helps to design new therapies for patient treatment.

Chemist: Chemistry is the study of chemical elements and their compounds. The job of a chemist is to research the properties of these elements, how they are structured, and how they react to one another. Chemistry bridges other sciences, like natural science, geology, physics, and as previously mentioned, biology.

Geologist: Geologists study the Earth and the natural particles that are part of the earth, like rocks. Geologists stand at the precipice of discovery, informing the world of old civilizations and their relationships to newer ones.

Rank Field Average Salary
1 Biotechnology $140,091
2 Clinical Research $139,434
3 Genomics $119,994
4 Immunology $103,159
5 Genetics $97,815
6 Biochemistry $97,142
7 Chemistry $93,100
8 Microbiology $89,312
9 Molecular Biology $86,328
10 Oncology $86,112


Nuclear Engineer: Nuclear Engineering focuses on the processes of fission (breaking down) and fusion (combing). It is an essential science, commonly used in nuclear power plants, and food production. It is also used to make medical diagnostic equipment and nuclear weapons. Because of its many uses, nuclear engineering is a science that is needed in many industries.

Physicist: Physics is the science that focuses on matter and energy and therefore interacts with the fields of mechanics, electrical engineering, acoustics and more.

Research & Development: All science fields require research and development. For this reason, research and development jobs continue to be in demand. This field of science allows for the creation of new scientific products and practices while also providing innovation, and improvement measurements for existing products and practices. Common jobs in the research and development category include Clinical Research Scientist, Research Analyst, and Development Engineer.

Technical Writer: Technical Writing is a communications job that requires a firm background in science. This job is common in medicine, engineering and computer science and involves writing documents, reports, and publications on technical topics.

There are many opportunities to be a scientist in multiple disciplines ranging from medical to environmental. If you love to solve problems, can think independently, and have good writing skills, a rewarding career in science just may be the path for you.

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