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Is Getting a Degree at 50 (or After) Worth It?

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[caption id="attachment_16893" align="alignright" width="200"]Jayney Wallick, StraighterLine Student Jayney Wallick, StraighterLine Student[/caption] There are many people who plan on going back to school one day to earn their degree. Then there are people like Jayney Wallick, a StraighterLine student, who finds a way to make it happen all while running up against obstacles like a busy work schedule, financial constraints, and a need to determine if it is “worth it” because of her age. When it was all said and done, it was worth it. Jayney took seven courses with StraighterLine, earning a total of 21 credits towards completing her bachelor’s degree in humanities–at the age of 56–from Thomas Edison State University, fulfilling a lifelong goal. She’s grateful that StraighterLine courses were available to help her save thousands on her degree, avoid taking on student debt, and shave nearly a year off of the time it took her to graduate. But that’s only part of the story. Let’s hear what Jayney told StraighterLine in a recent interview. What is your degree in? Jayney Wallick: I’m such an overachiever, I earned two degrees! I have an associate degree in Liberal Arts/Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Because Thomas Edison State University is a partner college, I transfered my StraighterLine courses directly to TESU. [caption id="attachment_16894" align="alignright" width="200"]Jayney Wallick, StraighterLine Student Jayney Wallick, Thomas Edison State University Graduation[/caption] Do you feel like StraighterLine classes helped prepare you for your future career? Jayney Wallick: When I first started my career, there weren’t many–or really any–related degrees for it readily available. When I went back to school, I needed to get the quickest bachelor’s degree I could for credentialing purposes. Since I already had accumulated college credits along the way, I was looking for a degree program where I could maximize their use. Going back to school in my fifties, I was deep into my career by the time I got my college degree(s). Did StraighterLine help you save money on your degree? Jayney Wallick: Oh you bet—and time too! What did you enjoy about the online classes you took? Jayney Wallick: I could complete the online classes so quickly. I ended up taking classes for electives that I would never have thought of taking otherwise, like Medical Terminology and Introduction to Philosophy, and I scored really well in both. Would you recommend StraighterLine to others and why? Jayney Wallick: I absolutely would recommend StraighterLine because of the financial and time savings. You can get a degree potentially years sooner than otherwise! Want to meet more students who have successfully completed classes at StraighterLine? Read their online student success stories on our blog! Enroll in a StraighterLine Class

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