Earning a Business Degree Faster: A StraighterLine Success Story

Earning a Business Degree Faster: A StraighterLine Success Story

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StraighterLine Student Success Ben Bueche

StraighterLine Student, Ben Bueche

There are plenty of people who have big dreams. Then there are people like Ben Bueche, a StraighterLine student, who found a way to achieve his dreams even faster by taking advantage of the opportunities online education provides. Ben took seven courses with StraighterLine, earning a total of 24 credits towards completing his bachelor’s degree in business and accounting from Baker College. He’s grateful that StraighterLine courses were not only convenient but were also really interesting, helped him save thousands on his degree, avoid taking on student debt, and graduate an entire semester early. But that’s only part of the story. Let’s hear what Ben told StraighterLine in a recent interview.

What is your degree in?

Ben Bueche: I have an associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Baker College is a partner school so I was able to transfer my StraighterLine classes directly to Baker.

Do you feel like StraighterLine classes helped prepare you for your future career?

Ben Bueche: Yes! StraighterLine helped me because it made me be more independent and set my own schedule – which I do all the time now in my career.

Did StraighterLine help you save money on your degree?

Ben Bueche: Yes. I took eight general education courses through StraighterLine instead of going through Baker College online. Taking classes through StraighterLine saved me time and money, about $11,000 to be exact.

What did you enjoy about the online classes you took?

Ben Bueche: StraighterLine offered classes I actually wanted to take and was interested in, including US History and Intro to Business.

Would you recommend StraighterLine to others and why?

Ben Bueche:? Yes. Without StraighterLine, and the ability to go at my own speed, I would have had to take (and pay for) another full semester at Baker.

Would you recommend it to others and why?

Ben Bueche: Yes, I would recommend StraighterLine to others because there are lots of classes to choose from and it saves you a lot of money.

If you could tell other students one thing about your StraighterLine experience what would that be?

Ben Bueche: StraighterLine will make you better at keeping and following a schedule. This helps you to learn to work at a productive speed, and that will help you be successful in your career. Want to meet more students who have successfully completed classes at StraighterLine? Read more online student success stories on our blog! 

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