Sailing to Success: How One Student is Balancing the Navy and College

Sailing to Success: How One Student is Balancing the Navy and College

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As an active-duty member in the Navy, KiAmbrielle's schedule is incredibly demanding, making going to college to earn a degree challenging. Determined to pursue a degree in psychology, she applied to Purdue Global University. Her student advisor suggested she take some courses to get back into the groove of school and recommended StraighterLine’s online courses. 

Balancing Duty and Education

KiAmbrielle has spent the last three years submersed in the naval nuclear engineering curriculum and currently serves as an instructor. As an Electrician’s Mate Nuclear Second Class Petty Officer (EMN2) in the Navy, her schedule is anything but predictable, which made StraighterLine's self-paced, affordable courses perfect for earning college credit when it was convenient for her. The flexibility and the content of the courses were just what she needed. She took Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Communication, courses that not only fit seamlessly into her busy life but also fulfilled prerequisites needed for her degree.

"StraighterLine has allowed me to not only work at my own pace but also shorten the time necessary for my degree," said KiAmbrielle. 

A Pathway to Purdue University Global

StraighterLine allows KiAmbrielle to seamlessly transition her hard-earned credits to Purdue University Global, where she is majoring in psychology. She anticipates graduating in July 2028, with her next step being to attend law school and then earn her Doctorate in Psychology. Her ultimate goal is to become a forensic psychologist working for the Department of Defense. At 27 years old, she is well on her way to achieving great things! 

KiAmbrielle thinks StraighterLine can help more working adults like her achieve their goals. "I have been recommending StraighterLine to others, especially to other service members," she shared.

We asked KiAmbrielle if she could share one message with other students, what would it be? She said, “It is never too late. I joined the service a little later in life and I occupy one of the top jobs in the service. I have excelled and held the door open for others. I started school a little later in life, and I am moving along just fine. My belief is life is your journey, move the way you want."

KiAmbrielle’s story is a testament to how determination, coupled with the right educational tools, can lead to remarkable achievements. 

Why StraighterLine is Great for Military Students

StraighterLine courses are a great solution for military students like KiAmbrielle because they offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace and on their own schedule. 

StraighterLine also partners with several military-friendly schools that accept many of our 75+ courses for college credit. While you can’t apply military benefits towards the purchase of StraighterLine courses, you can use StraighterLine to save money on your bachelor’s degree to make your undergrad money go further, and you can apply your benefit to your master’s or pass the benefit along to your family. 

We are proud to support many members of the military and offer flexible courses to help them achieve their goals.

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