How a Working Adult Earned an Accounting Degree in Less Than 3 Years

How a Working Adult Earned an Accounting Degree in Less Than 3 Years

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When Nardy Doyle decided to it was time to earn her degree in accounting, she didn’t want to wait. Even though she works one full-time and one part-time job, she was determined to earn her degree as quickly, cost effectively and efficiently as possible. Here’s how she used online college courses to rapidly earn the general education credits she needed for her degree– and accommodate her more than full time work schedule:

Taking Full Advantage of College Courses That Are Guaranteed to Transfer

Having a strong background in mathematics, Nardy wanted to get credit for material she already knew.  When she first enrolled at Strayer University, a StraighterLine Partner College, she was told her existing credits wouldn’t transfer. Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today! That’s when her advisor suggested she should try StraighterLine and explained how StraighterLine’s ultra affordable general education courses are guaranteed to transfer into her program at Strayer.

Getting a Degree As Soon As Possible

“I wanted to get my degree as soon as I could. I went online and looked at the classes [at Straighterline] and signed up. I was able to complete 6 courses in one month!" "And over the next months, I’ve been able to complete and transfer 12 StraighterLine courses into my accounting degree program at Strayer.”

Helping Friends Save a Ton of Money & Time on a College Degree

“StraighterLine is amazing. I’m saving a ton of money and time.” As a result of her ability to easily complete and transfer courses, Nardy has become a huge advocate of StraighterLine. She wants to help her friends and other students at her university to save as much time and money on their degree as she has. “I tell my friends, you should really take these [StraighterLine] classes to save money and graduate as soon as possible.” Her friends are heeding her advice. Currently one is taking StraighterLine’s Intro to Psychology, another is enrolled in English Composition I, and another still is enrolled in Intro to Criminal Justice.

Choosing Which Courses to Take Online

When it came time to choose which courses to take at StraighterLine, Nardy used live chat to get her questions answered quickly. “I like [StraighterLine’s] live chat. They answer questions quickly – and I was able to easily determine which classes would transfer to Strayer.” She’s completed almost all of her general education courses for her accounting degree at Strayer with the help of StraighterLine’s ultra affordable online college courses. From math, to humanities, to social sciences – StraighterLine has offered her nearly all the prerequisites she’s needed. Not sure where to start? Learn how StraighterLine works today!

Graduating in Less Than 3 Years

Nardy started her undergraduate program at Strayer in the Fall of 2013. Thanks to StraighterLine, she’s been able to shave a year and a half off her time to degree, and is on track to graduate in 2015. Congratulations, Nardy!  

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