3 Reasons Taking English Composition Will Make You More Successful

3 Reasons Taking English Composition Will Make You More Successful

English Composition is the study of the writing process. That might sound basic, but it is probably the most important subject you can study, and gain mastery of, when you first enroll in college classes.

1. Develop Strong Communication Skills

You’ll gain really important insights about quality writing. Better yet, the writing skills you develop will have very practical applications in any career your choose, from business to criminal justice or from psychology to technology. Every field requires strong writing skills and effective communication. That’s why success in English Composition can often translate into success in a professional setting since employers value employees who can clearly communicate both internally with other employees, and externally, with customers, patients and other stakeholders.

The knowledge you gain about English Composition could help you understand lots of other things too, such as . . .

2. Perform Better at School & On the Job

You could better understand and apply the foundations of effective writing for college and career success. One example? Perhaps your degree program requires that you write in-depth papers on topics related to your major. You'll be expected to effectively use fundamental writing types like compare and contrast, argumentative, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive - all common techniques practiced in english comp. Mastering these skills early will allow you to find success in advanced coursework and on the job.

3. Save Money on Your Degree

Taking English Composition I and/or English Composition II online can help you save on your degree. The college course experience and cost savings you gain by studying English Composition online prepares you for greater success in your degree program, and reduces your cost of college.

The Case for Studying English Composition

So you see, there are some pretty compelling reasons why taking a course in English Composition can increase your chances of success today in your degree program, and in your career.

Take a English Comp Online and Earn Credit at Your School

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