7 Reasons Why English Composition Is the Most Important Course You’ll Ever Take

By Beth Dumbauld

English Composition No Matter Your MajorIf you plan on earning your college degree, you will most likely be required to take English Composition. It is the leading college prerequisite course – the course through which most students must pass in order to earn their college diploma. What’s more, English Composition is the most important course you’ll ever take in college. Besides, you’ll be taking English Composition no matter your major: 

  • If you don’t like to write, you’ll take English Composition.
  • If you like to write, you’ll take English Composition.
  • If you major in accounting, you’ll take English Composition. 
  • If your career goal is to become an engineer, you’ll take English Composition. 
  • If you’re intent on becoming a health professional: nursing assistant, RN, pharmacist, or doctor, you’ll take English Composition. 
  • If you major in math, you’ll take English Composition. 
  • Interested in becoming a state police officer or working for the FBI? You’ll need to take English Composition. 
  • Are your education plans all business? You’ll take English Composition.
  • And yes, if you plan on majoring in English, you’ll take English Composition.

The points above emphasize the importance of taking English Composition during your first year of college, no matter your intended major. The question is why?

1 - What Is English Composition? What Is the Difference Between English Composition I & English Composition II?

English Composition is often offered in two steps. Students generally take English Composition I first, then upon successful completion, enroll in English Composition II. Students who are confident in their writing skills, however, can enroll in both concurrently at an online course provider like StraighterLine.

English Composition I is a class intended to help students develop better writing skills. In this college course, you’ll study several types of writing, examine proper grammar usage, including punctuation and spelling – and you’ll spend time focusing on editing and revision. Nearly all first-year college students at all colleges and in all majors are required to take English Composition I.

English Composition II is a class intended to challenge a student’s writing and critical thinking skills and take them both to the next level. In general, while taking English Composition II, you’ll focus on several different forms of writing with particular attention devoted to analysis and argument. Many students, depending on major, are required to take English Composition II before moving on to other advanced-level college courses.

Keep in mind, your required English Composition course may be listed in your syllabus under a variety of names. You may see it listed as English 101 & English 102 or Introduction to English I & II instead of English Composition I & II.

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