StraighterLine's Guide to Working While Going to College

Beth Dumbauld

wandgb2c-guide-cover-2015-smWorking while going to college? Wanting to advance your career but not sure where to find the time? Our free guide will show you how to fit college into your working life so you can reach your degree goals while growing your career and income.

Not sure where to start? Download our FREE guide to Working While Going to College

If you think a college degree might be unaffordable, are concerned about enrolling because of your work schedule, or not sure how a flexible online education works, you're not alone.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time for working adults to affordably fit a degree into their busy modern lives. Full of practical advice, StraighterLine’s Guide to Working and College gives you all you need to know about working and going to college, including:

  • How to quickly get started on your degree while working
  • The best strategies for paying for college, significantly reducing your costs, and finding scholarships
  • How to reach your career goals, manage your time, and accelerate your degree

Do you have time for college and work?

Yes, you do! Now is a great time to take low-cost online classes and make progress on your degree. Though it can be challenging at times, working while going to college offers many important benefits, including:

  • The ability to use current income, low-cost online classes, and scholarships to avoid student debt
  • Increasing your chances of getting promoted at your current job
  • Getting experience in a new career field while you take classes
  • Improving your performance on the job and at school
  • Earning the credentials you need to keep moving forward in your career

At StraighterLine, we’ve made it easy to complete or get started on your degree while working.

Download your free copy of our Guide to Working and College, a new guide by your college savings experts at StraighterLine

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