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  • Introducing StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships

    Posted on April 24, 2014 by Alex Bauguess

    We are pleased to announce StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships. Now, the more courses you take with StraighterLine, the more you save on your degree. Your Degree Is Now Up To 50% More Affordable Participating Partner Colleges have designed scholarships and discounts especially for StraighterLine students to help cover the cost of tuition. The following universities currently participate in the scholarship program: Colorado State University Global Campus Concordia University-Saint Paul Excelsior College Liberty University Online Western Governor’s University Get Started Now in 3 Easy Steps -- Sign Up Deadline: May 15, 2014 -- 1. Call your advisor: (877) 785-2722 2. Enroll in (at least) one StraighterLine course by May 15, 2014 3 ... Read More

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  • How a Nurse Used Flexible Online College Courses to Complete His BSN Prerequisites. A StraighterLine Success Story.

    Posted on April 17, 2014 by Alex Bauguess

    A working nurse decided to take charge of his career by earning his Bachelors of Science in Nursing, all while working full-time and supporting a family of five. We’re excited to share Gene G.’s story with you: Advancing a Career in Nursing Gene knew he needed to earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) to advance his career. He had worked as a nurse for over 15 years with an Associates Degree in Nursing, but changes in the industry motivated him to go back to school. “I noticed a trend that large employers and hospitals were requiring nurses to get their BSN,” says Gene. “I work at a large local hospital, and if I switch departments, I’m required to earn my BSN.” While not yet required by his employer, Gene determined he ... Read More

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  • CourseTalk Interview with StraighterLine CEO Burck Smith

    Posted on April 10, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Republished with permission from CourseTalk. View the original article. By: Abbie Kouzmanoff Despite the online education boom, many students still face high tuitions for accredited online university degrees as well as the inability to obtain college credit for most MOOCs and online courses. Straighterline focuses on providing high-quality online college courses that will successfully transfer to an institution’s degree programs. Burck Smith, the CEO of StraighterLine, took the time to speak with CourseTalk about the rising cost of education for students, the difficulty of obtaining credit for many courses, and his vision for both StraighterLine and online education. Q: Why did you originally decide to get involved with online learning a ... Read More

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  • What are the Best Online Summer Classes?

    Posted on April 3, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Savvy college students know that now is the time to make summer plans. If your plans include taking college classes, you may already be asking: what are the best online college classes to take over the summer? Excellent question ­– and it’s one best answered by looking at your educational goals, financial resources, summer schedule, and your degree plan. On the whole, the best online summer college classes will: 1 – Earn You College Credit When you invest your time and money into summer college courses, you want to be 100% sure that those courses will transfer into your degree program. Take the time now, before summer begins, to verify with your college advisor that the courses you plan to take will be accepted for credit. ... Read More

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  • 5 New Ways to Save On Your College Degree: StraighterLine New Partner College Highlights

    Posted on March 31, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    We’re proud to provide adult learners with five additional flexible and affordable pathways to earn a college degree. Located in Minnesota, New York, Boston, and Vermont, as well as 100% online, our newest partner colleges are committed to providing affordable and flexible degree opportunities to StraighterLine students. We’ve also added one new partner school that focuses on the needs of high school students looking to accelerate their personal dreams and education – without sacrificing either. Check out On Track School’s details below. Remember, when you enroll at one of our 60+ Partner Colleges, we guarantee that you will receive full course credit for approved classes taken with StraighterLine. Concordia University, St. Paul St. ... Read More

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  • StraighterLine Student Testimonials – It’s Your Story, Your Success

    Posted on March 27, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Each year, thousands of students start on their path to a college degree with StraighterLine. Our flexible, affordable, and transferable online college courses help our students reach their goals academically – and professionally. StraighterLine student success facts: 65% of StraighterLine courses started are successfully completed. Over 90% of StraighterLine students who complete courses transfer to a college. 90% of StraighterLine students who transfer to a college end up earning their degree. StraighterLine students not only find college success, they also find the confidence and earn the credentials needed to pursue the career of their dreams. We are inspired by them every day. See what StraighterLine students have to say about us: ... Read More

    Categories: Online Classes, Success Stories, Go Back To School

  • It’s Never Too Late: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    Posted on March 20, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    If you wake up one morning knowing you are ready for a career change – you’re not alone. Many adults who have successfully gone back to college have described just that. One day, they just knew what they wanted to be and that they were ready to make a change – even if technically they were already a grownup. If this describes you, what do you do next? How do you make the right decisions around going back to college? This post will help you find: Where to start. Hint: It’s all about passion. The online prerequisite courses to take to accelerate your time to degree. Hint: Create a degree plan. The probability of getting transfer credit for life experience or previous college work. Hint: It’s all about completing transferable co ... Read More

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  • How An Adult Learner Fulfilled His Dream of Earning a College Degree. A StraighterLine Success Story.

    Posted on March 13, 2014 by Alex Bauguess

    Johnny Chapman, a StraighterLine student, is fulfilling his lifelong dream of earning his college degree. We’re excited to share his story with you: Transforming a Dream into a Reality “I started college right after high school, but I dropped out, got married, started to work and had kids,” says Johnny. “I always planned to go back to school, but it never seemed to quite come together. It’s been 20 years but finally some of the pieces started to come into place. It’s always been a dream of mine to earn my degree.” Choosing a Degree Program Johnny identified a degree program that interested him at Life Pacific College, a StraighterLine Partner College. He contacted Life Pacific to learn more about their Degree Completion Progra ... Read More

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  • How To Get Ahead In Your Career Over Spring Break

    Posted on March 6, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Plans fall though, budgets shrink, and even Florida gets cold sometimes. You can use this to your advantage by embracing a travel-free Spring Break this year – and focusing on your career. Use your time off to get a jumpstart on your job search, tap into a network of professionals, and be confident that you have all the credits you need to graduate on time. Here’s how: Give your resume the 15-second test. Hiring managers typically spend 15 seconds looking over a resume before making the keep-it or toss-it decision. What kind of first impression does yours give off? Ask several people to look over your resume and make the necessary changes to ensure that yours is a keeper. Join LinkedIn. Employers use LinkedIn to network and find suitab ... Read More

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  • 4 Questions to Ask If You’re Heading Back To School

    Posted on February 27, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Goal setting is critical to succeeding in college – at any age. For adult learners, setting clear educational goals provides the motivation and the roadmap to get the degree and career you want. Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself to help set the goals you need to achieve education success. Question 1: What Are Your Priorities? You may have competing priorities. Ask yourself how important taking college courses, earning your degree, and changing your career is compared to your other goals and rank them. Your individual goals may be important, but your resources may be limited. For many students, achieving educational goals is the key to unlocking the door to other goals in life. Question 2: When Do You W ... Read More

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  • 8 Steps to Build a College Support Team

    Posted on February 20, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    When you go back to college, you’ll need support. You’ll need folks on your team who can answer questions, have your back, and can keep stress from taking you down. These 8 steps will help you build you support team, whether you are thinking about taking online general education courses, or enrolling full-time in a nursing degree program: Step 1: Clearly define your educational and career goals. Your degree path should act as a road map – and help prepare you and your family for what’s to come. Step 2: Know what you want. Know what you need. Ask for help. Once you decide to enroll in college, it’s go time. Don’t assume your friends, family, or coworkers understand what you need – speak with them regularly and let them know how ... Read More

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  • 10 Easy Tips to Help Those You Love Go Back To School

    Posted on February 13, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Do you have a loved one currently attending college? Is your spouse considering returning back to school to earn or finish their degree? Studies have repeatedly shown that the more support a college student has, the likelier they are to succeed – and earn their college degree. Here are ten easy tips you can follow to show the college students in your life love and support this Valentine’s Day. 1. Believe in them. Enrolling in college courses for the first time, or returning to college after a long absence, takes a leap of faith. Believing and vocalizing support in your loved one’s ability to succeed as a student can help boost their confidence when they have doubts. 2. Be a cheerleader. Deliver encouraging messages in person, text, em ... Read More

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  • How An Olympic Hopeful Fit Education Into His Training Schedule

    Posted on February 6, 2014 by Alex Bauguess

    For Aidyn Gangemi, a high school junior, taking English Composition I wasn’t just a matter of becoming a better writer, but also about finding something that fit into his busy schedule. Because Aidyn spends at least six hours a day training as a competitive ice dancer, he needed a course that was flexible and convenient. Aidyn thought about taking a CLEP exam, but decided against it. “With CLEP exams you are flying by the seat of your pants and hoping you pass,” says Aidyn’s mother Deb. “And if you fail – BUMMER – you’ll have to wait to take it again.” Aidyn knew he wanted a course that would fit into his schedule, but also set clear guidelines and provided feedback and structure. After some research, he selected Straighte ... Read More

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  • 10 Steps To Move Your Career Forward in 2014

    Posted on January 15, 2014 by Beth Dumbauld

    Let this year be the year to take the necessary steps to jumpstart your career. We’re helping you with the hardest part – identifying which steps to take. Believing in yourself is up to you. 1 - Believe in Yourself. Only you can take control of your career. If you know it’s time for a change, trust your instincts. 2 - Rethink Your Resume. If you think your resume is boring, employers will too. Remember - show, don’t tell. Highlight your accomplishments in keyword terms – your achievements show the true value of having you on the team. 3 - Take a College Course for Credit. Working towards earning your college degree by taking college courses for credit can show your employer or potential employers that you are ... Read More

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  • Life Pacific College a Partner College Profile

    Posted on November 2, 2013 by Barry Lenson

    If you’re preparing for a leadership career in the ministry or service of Christ, it’s time for you to meet Life Pacific College, one of StraighterLine’s newest Partner Colleges. Life Pacific College, firmly rooted in Evangelical Pentecostal faith, offers you unique programs in Christian ministry and leadership. At Life Pacific College, you can earn degrees that include . . . The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership – This special Degree Completion program can be your path to the ministry. You’ll gain the necessary biblical and theological knowledge, plus the ministry and leadership skills required to effectively lead people in the church of today. You can enter this degree program through StraighterLine’s Partner College ... Read More

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