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To help improve your StraighterLine experience, we've compiled a list of the questions we hear most often.

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Q: How does a StraighterLine Membership work?

Your StraighterLine allows you save up to $15,000 on your degree, by purchasing unlimited courses for as low as $49. At just $99/month your membership will continue as long as you need it, and you can cancel at anytime.

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Q: How can I cancel my monthly membership?

A: You can cancel your membership by logging in to your MyLine account and selecting your account menu in the top right hand corner. Select "Billing Preferences", where you will see an option to cancel your membership. Please remember to do this a day prior to your billing date.

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Q: What happens if I cancel my Membership without completing my course(s)?

A: If you need to cancel your membership before your course(s) are complete, don't worry! You can restart your membership at anytime, with no penalty. Simply get started right where you left off in your course(s) when you sign back up with your StraighterLine monthly membership.

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Q: How am I graded?

A: Grading varies by course but typically includes a mixture of exams, quizzes, and essays. It's also common for courses to include a series of ungraded assignments.

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Q: Will I receive a grade?

A: StraighterLine provides a letter and number grade for each course. Colleges have their own policies with respect to how and whether they'll post grades for transferred coursework. You should check with the college you plan to attend to determine its specific grade-posting policies.

Your StraighterLine transcript will reflect the percentage score and corresponding grade as set forth below:

90-100 A
80-89 B
70*-79 C
60-69 D
Below 60 F

*A grade of at least 70% is required for ACE CREDIT recommendation or credit recognition at most StraighterLine partner colleges. ACE transcripts reflect P/F (Pass/Fail) only.

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Q: Do I have to complete all of the tests and assignments?

A: You must complete all graded assignments, tests, and lab assignments before you can request that a transcript be sent on your behalf. This holds true even if you'd otherwise achieve a 70% or higher on the course.

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Q: I did not achieve at least a 70% and want to try again. What do I need to do?

A: You may retake a course as many times as you choose, but you'll be charged each time you retake it. Your final grade in a course is the highest final grade attempt which meets StraighterLine's grade requirements.

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Q: What are StraighterLine Exams like?

A: All graded exams are formatted consistently across courses. All graded exams, quizzes, and tests share the following characteristics:

  1. Attempts: Unless otherwise noted, you have one (1) attempt only for graded assessments.
  2. Pop-ups: All graded assessments will open in the same window (no pop-ups).
  3. Timed: All graded assessments are timed. Upon opening the assessment the first time, the timer will initialize. You should not close the exam window while your exam is running (unless you're finished and want to submit it). If time expires, graded tests will submit automatically. Time limits for exams and graded assessments vary by course.
  4. Question Display: Only one (1) question will be displayed at a time.
  5. End of Assessment Information: At the end of your graded assessment, once you've submitted your answers, you'll be able to view your score and see all of your submitted answers. You may request the full text of the question, including all possible answers for use in follow-up tutoring, by contacting a Student Advisor.
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Q: What materials can I use during an exam?

A: It depends on the exam. For exams except the final exam, unauthorized materials or aids are not permitted though you may use the following reference materials:

  • The book(s) or other assigned reading materials listed in the course syllabus
  • One (1) sheet of 8 ½ X 11 paper (front and back) of prepared notes
  • Blank scratch paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • A calculator (for math and science courses requiring calculations only, please note what type of calculator [graphing vs. scientific] is permitted for your specific exam)

Use of the following resources, services, and aids during exams is strictly prohibited by the StraighterLine Student Handbook:

  • Additional texts or reference materials not listed within the course syllabus
  • Search engines (,, Yahoo Answers, etc.)
  • Question and answer sites
  • Study sites
  • Tutoring
  • Forums
  • Chat applications
  • Landline or cellular phones

By submitting your answers for a graded exam, you confirm that the work is your own and that you're taking the exam in accordance with the StraighterLine Academic Honesty Policy.

Please note that Final Examinations may be closed book and restrict what materials can be utilized. In these cases you will be provided all necessary materials to complete the exam within the testing environment.

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Q: After I finish an exam, can I review the exam and answers?

A: Yes! For all non-proctored exams you'll be able to review the questions you were asked, all answers and your selected answers. You will also be able to see whether your answer was correct or incorrect. These are great study aids.

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Q: Can I retake a graded quiz or exam?

A: You can't retake quizzes and exams or change your answers once you've submitted the entire graded assessment. In limited cases, exams may be reset due to technical issues. If this happens and we confirm the attempt has been cleared, your score is permanently deleted and you must retake the exam in its entirety.

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Q: I think there is an error in the test. What do I do?

A: Answer the question to the best of your ability, but make note of the question number and exam number. After completing the exam, you can view the answered questions and your answers, and whether they were marked correct or incorrect. If you believe a question was marked incorrectly, you should contact a Student Advisor.

Since StraighterLine's test banks are intellectual property, correct answers may not be shared publicly or otherwise, including with any other student. Any sharing of test bank questions is a violation of the StraighterLine Student Handbook and subjects violators to immediate course failure, removal from StraighterLine's learning management system, and the restriction of access to any of StraighterLine's affiliate websites.

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Q: What's online proctoring?

A: Proctoring is an important marker for online academic integrity and credibility, and it's automatically included in the purchase price of each StraighterLine course you purchase. Just as technology makes it possible for you to learn from the comfort of your home, it also allows you take your exams there too. This means you don’t have to go to a classroom so that someone can monitor your test-taking. You can take your exams at home or anywhere you have access to a webcam with a microphone and a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

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Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost of proctoring is included in your course fee. Please note that while proctoring is available 24/7, we urge all student to schedule at least 72 hours in advance in order to ProctorU's Rush Fees (exams scheduled within the 72 hour window are subject to a $5 fee, while those scheduled for the same day may be subject to an $8.75 fee).

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Q: How does proctoring work?

To schedule your session, please follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Click the appropriate course card within your MyLine Dashboard
  2. Click "Schedule Proctoring," making sure your Pop-Up Blocker is turned off
  3. If prompted, please complete your User Profile. If not, please refer to Step 5.
  4. Once your User Profile is complete, you will be routed to the Scheduling Portal
  5. Click “Schedule Now” and select an exam date and starting time.
  6. Click “Add Reservation”
You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you schedule your proctoring session. If you wish to test your webcam prior to your session, please click here to access ProctorU's webcam test.

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Q: Is proctoring required for my final exam?

A: StraighterLine requires proctoring on final exams for all courses purchased on or after November 1, 2012.

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Q: What if my course doesn't have a final exam?

A: Several composition courses, such as English Composition I and Lab Sciences, do not have final exams, so there's no need for proctoring. To ensure academic integrity, written work for such courses is subject to review via plagiarism detection software and other protocols.

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Q: How do I receive credit for StraighterLine coursework?

A: Getting credit is easy. The first step is to determine where you'd like to finish your degree—and if you don't know what degree you want to pursue yet, our Career Paths and Colleges sections can help you decide. If you select one of our Partner Colleges , your StraighterLine credits are guaranteed to transfer . To have us send your transcript, simply submit a Transcript Request from your StraighterLine account.

ACE Credit has evaluated and recommended our courses. More than 2,000 colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability to their course and degree programs. Our students also report that they've connected with more than 400 colleges outside of our partner network that have recognized StraighterLine courses. That said, if you plan to complete your degree at a non-partner college, we strongly recommend that you understand the school's credit-transfer process before purchasing a StraighterLine course to make sure you won't have any problems.

To have us send your transcript, simply submit a Transcript Request in your StraighterLine account.

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Q: What is ACE CREDIT?

A: The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) helps students gain academic credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside of traditional degree programs. With over 35,000 courses reviewed, ACE is the national leader in the evaluation process for education and training obtained outside the traditional classroom. Thousands of colleges recognize ACE CREDIT recommendations, and ACE CREDIT has recommended all of StraighterLine’s courses for credit.

To be sure your desired school will award credit, check their website or call the college and ask if they accept ACE-recommended coursework before you purchase.

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Q: How do I earn credits through ACE?

A: To use the ACE Credit process:

  • Be sure the college you've selected accepts ACE-recommended courses. If not, consider one of StraighterLine's partner colleges.
  • Successfully complete a StraighterLine course, earning a 70% or higher final average.
  • Request an ACE transcript through your StraighterLine account.
  • ACE will send you a confirmation email with a link for you to follow to log in. If you don't already have an ACE account, StraighterLine will provide you with a student ID that you'll use to log in. ACE charges $20 to create an account. If you already have an ACE account, you'll need to provide a Student Advisor with your account number to have your course completion information sent to ACE.
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Q: I really liked my last tutor's response to my essay. Can I request him/her again?

A: We're glad you liked your last review, but it's not possible to request a particular tutor. Since our tutors pull the essays that have been in the queue the longest, there's no way to predict who will respond to your submission.

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Q: What file extensions should I use for essay submissions?

A: Essay submissions must be in one of the following formats:

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .rtf
  • .txt
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Q: Will my essays be checked for plagiarism?

A: Yes, all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review via . All submitted papers will also be added as source documents to the reference database. Use of the service is subject to the usage policy posted on the site.

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Q: Can I apply for financial aid?

A: No, StraighterLine doesn't offer financial aid. You can, however, apply for financial aid at the college of your choice when you complete your StraighterLine experience.

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Q: Can I pay for this with money from my 529 plan?

A: Not at this time.

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Q: Can I pay for this with money from my GI bill?

A: Not at this time.

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Q: Who do I call if I have technical problems?

A: Technical support is available via phone during regular business hours. The most common technical issues are caused by browser incompatibility. We strive to support all modern browsers, but to ensure the best experience we highly recommend that all StraighterLine students use Firefox web browser or Internet Explorer. You can check the compatibility of your computer by scanning your plug-ins using this link (

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Q: How can I contact a Student Advisor?

A: For the fastest response, create a support ticket from your MyLine Account . We will keep you updated on the status of the request in the same place you enter the ticket.

In addition, Student Advisors can be reached M-F by phone between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. If we're on the other line or don't pick up, just leave us a voicemail with the reason you're calling, and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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