Are you as confused about credit transfer as the rest of us?

Most students who start college will switch schools before they earn their degree. And more than 50 million people over 25 who never finished college will need to transfer credits to do so. But the process of transferring credits can be frustrating, idiosyncratic, and incomprehensible. If you plan on transferring credits, this guide can help you cut through the confusion and end up with the degree you desire.
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  • What credit transfer is and how it applies to you
  • Why Accreditation doesn’t mean what most people think it means
  • How to get the credit you deserve when your college says no
  • What else you can transfer for credit besides college courses
  • Which 3 institutional roadblocks can thwart your goals
  • Why “Intentional Transfer Students” pay less for their college degrees
  • And much, much more!
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