Engineering Degree Path

Engineering Degree Path

Engineering Career Paths

If you intend to become an engineer, then incorporating flexible, affordable math and science courses from StraighterLine into your plans can save you time and money and get your degree off to a promising start.


Engineering Careers: High Paying and In Demand

Engineering jobs pay better and are experiencing faster growth than nearly any other field. They rank #1 in earnings for both recent and experienced graduates, with starting salaries averaging $55,000 and experienced engineers averaging over $80,000. Not only are engineering jobs classified as the jobs of the future, they are also, according to the US Department of Commerce, “essential for developing our technological innovation and global competitiveness.”

The Sky Is The Limit with an Engineering Degree

From the bottom of the ocean to the furthest reaches of outer space, as an engineer you can find work anywhere. And your degree options are unlimited as well, including engineering certificates, Associate or Bachelor's degrees in Engineering, and graduate degrees including master's and doctorates. Engineering careers include:

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer

Online Engineering Degrees Are More Respected than Ever

More and more top universities like MIT, Stanford and Harvard are offering online programs. When it comes to engineering, you can get an online degree from leading engineering programs at Auburn, University of Wisconsin, DeVry and Drexel. Study after study of employers show that they are as willing to hire employees with online degrees as traditional ones. In fact, it’s fair to say that there is no longer any stigma to an online engineering degree.

Start with these Required Online Courses for Engineering Degrees

No matter what type of engineering degree you pursue, from Aerospace to Petroleum, or where you eventually intend to get your degree, you'll need to take these required courses someplace. And since our course credits transfer to any of our partner colleges or through the ACE Credit service to over 1,800 colleges and universities in the U.S., why not save yourself valuable time and money and take them from StraighterLine?

Engineering Degree Path Through StraighterLine

Here are the required StraighterLine courses you'll need to pursue your engineering degree: