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About WGU - North Carolina

"WGU is a great fit for busy adults thanks to its competency-based learning model, flat-rate tuition (less than $6,000 a year for most programs), and unique one-on-one mentoring."

WGU North Carolina is a nonprofit, online university designed to expand access to higher education for North Carolina residents. Established by the state of North Carolina through a partnership with nationally recognized Western Governors University, WGU North Carolina offers more than 60 accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs in high-demand career fields.

WGU North Carolina expands access to higher education for adult learners by providing:

Access to quality education. An online, state-endorsed university, WGU North Carolina makes challenging, nationally recognized degree programs available to North Carolinians who are not able to attend traditional colleges and universities.
Career-focused bachelor's and master's degrees. . WGU North Carolina offers degree programs in Business, Information Technology, Teacher Education, and Health Professions (including Nursing) that are relevant to the needs of North Carolina employers.
Affordable tuition. . A nonprofit university, WGU North Carolina's tuition is very affordable, comparing very favorably to North Carolina public colleges and universities. Tuition is charged at a flat rate for six-month terms.
Flexible online degree program. . At WGU North Carolina, you will leverage the power of online learning to make your program as flexible as possible. You'll be able to balance work and family obligations while you complete your studies. And, we’ll never hold you back—if you have the time to devote to your studies, you can accelerate, finishing sooner and saving tuition costs.

The journey to an affordable college degree starts right here: online college courses from Straighterline easily transfer to WGU North Carolina and help you save on your college degree! The StraighterLine College Network was created to help students just like you earn more affordable college degrees by allowing them to earn low-cost college credits through Straighterline's online college courses.

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