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About Saint Joseph's College

Right now, thousands of people with families, demanding schedules, and active lives are pursuing their degree through online programs at Saint Joseph’s College – and you can, too! Our online programs offer you a way to earn a quality, accredited degree at your convenience and at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

Online education through Saint Joseph’s is characterized by the college’s quality curricula, effective support services, and a long-standing dedication to adult learners. Saint Joseph's College began offering distance-education programs in 1976. Today, the college offers more than 35 online graduate and undergraduate programs in accounting, business, education, health administration, interdisciplinary studies, nursing, social work, theology, and more. Our undergraduate degrees are very transfer friendly; Saint Joseph's College allows up to 90 credits to transfer into our undergraduate programs, with up to 30 of those credits coming from alternative credit sources, such as Straighterline.

Our online courses are open 24/7, providing the flexibility of accessing course materials and participating in interactive components at times convenient to each student’s personal schedule. Students can earn their degree at their own pace by taking a part-time or full-time courseload, and taking a break as needed between terms.

Saint Joseph's College provides personalized, professional resources for the online learner, no matter where they're studying from. We are defined by the success of our students, both inside the classroom and out. Our top priority is to ensure all our students — on campus and online — have the tools they need to reach, and surpass, their goals, while making a positive impact on the greater community and the world at large.

From personal advisors to online tutoring, everything Saint Joseph's College offers is to improve our students' educational experience. We're here to serve you. Contact an online admissions counselor today or learn more at

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