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About Goodwin College

We’ve spent the years since our founding breaking as many traditions as we can in order to benefit our students. We haven’t made college any less challenging, but along the way we’ve removed many obstacles to success — because we believe higher education should be accessible, flexible, affordable, career-focused, and supportive. That’s the power of reimagination and that’s why: For our students... It’s better here.

We believe education should be flexible.
We understand the needs of all of our students and provide flexibility and support where many colleges don’t. We offer flexible schedules and classes that start six times a year. We also have online, on-campus, and hybrid course options available so you can find the format that works best for you and your schedule.

We believe your college degree should be your ticket to a great career.
All of our degree and certificate programs — from our Nursing and Health Care degrees to our Manufacturing programs — are built around the needs of Connecticut employers in in-demand industries. We ask employers what their ideal employee needs to know, then design our programs and train students accordingly.

Please note that Goodwin College will only accept StraighterLine courses that were taken prior to admission to the college.

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