Why Do Students Plan to Drop Out of College?

Barry Lenson

“A detection model of college withdrawal,” a study of 1,158 freshmen at 10 American colleges and universities conducted by researchers at Michigan State University, has uncovered some pretty interesting reasons why college students drop out. Some plan to drop out because they lost their financial aid, for example, while others drop out when they come into a ton of money. 

Here are some of the top reasons why students say they are planning to drop out  . . .

  • Revieved an unexpected bad grade
  • Became ill
  • Had roommate problems
  • Received a job offer
  • Large increase in tuition/living costs
  • Became clinically depressed
  • Recruited by job or other institution 

Now, that is a mixed bag of reasons for sure. And we also wonder how many departing students decide to continue their studies online.

After all, there are advantages to studying online.  You’re unlikely to get into a fight with your roommate – and if you do and you move out, you can plug in your computer and keep studying anyway. If you’re a student online, you are also less likely to get a bad grade, because you can work for as long as you like, and repeat lessons, until you are ready to do really well on your tests.

If you’re a college student and you’re thinking about dropping out, here’s a possibility for you. Don’t drop out of college – drop into online college courses and keep moving ahead.

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