Where Can I Find Affordable College Credits

Where Can I Find Affordable College Credits
Beth Dumbauld

Affordable college credits can be found, but it takes some research and planning to find them. If you do this work up front, you can definitely save money to get the college degree you want for your future career plans.

Where you decide to begin college matters. In this case, it isn’t the name of the college that counts, but rather, the cost and location of the school. Some U.S. states have higher college costs than others. Sometimes, the type of school students attend can influence the cost.

Consider these options:

  • Start off at a community college
  • Attend school in a more affordable state
  • Earn college credits in high school
  • Take college courses online

Did you know that attending a community college is 60 percent cheaper than attending a four-year college? It’s true! Students who begin their college education at a two-year institution and transfer their credits to a four-year school pay $11,377 less on average for tuition. In the following states, attending a community college can save students even more money:

  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Vermont
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Delaware
  • Arizona

The cost of college in each state is different, just like the cost of living. Southern and Midwestern states have the most affordable schools. However, the south is significantly cheaper than all other areas in the country. Reports show that Tennessee and Louisiana are the most affordable states, followed by Georgia and Wyoming. So,if you already live in these affordable college states, stay and study. If you are from another state, don’t worry, out-of-state tuition can also be just as affordable.

Some students may be ahead of the game – having participated in high school dual enrollment programs. These course credits are usually transferable to two-year colleges, which means dual enrollment students can get to a four-year college sooner.

These three options can lower the cost of college credits, but there is another option to consider; online courses.

Get Affordable College Credits Online

There are hundreds of online schools, designed to make pursuing a higher education simpler and more modern. Like community college courses, online courses can be significantly more affordable – saving students $8,000 on average in tuition.

Taking online courses is a great way to finish up your core requirements. These are math, science, and english courses. Since many online colleges are connected with other schools, it is easy to transfer credits to complete a degree program later on. Here are some of the most affordable online schools for you to consider, including many schools that are StraighterLine partner colleges.

While you'll still have to pay a fair amount to get a college degree, these are the ways you can make it more affordable and have less student debt once you graduate. Between taking online courses and attending community college, affordable college credits are a reality.

Get started on your affordable college education today. Enroll in a StraighterLine general education course and earn affordable college credit for your degree.

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