What is DANTES Exam?

What is DANTES Exam?

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What is the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or DANTES exam?

DANTES is the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support. DANTES’ mission is to assist U.S. military service members in meeting their educational goals. DANTES accomplishes this mission by sponsoring a wide range of examination programs.

DANTES sponsored examination programs include: Credit-By-Exam: CLEP and DSST
Passing CLEP or DSST exams can help you receive college credit for what you already know.

Entrance Tests: ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT
Performing well on required entrance tests can help you qualify for entry into a variety of post-secondary education programs including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs at colleges and universities.

Other: GED, Praxis 
Passing a GED exam awards individuals a “Certificate of High School Equivalency.” 
Praxis evaluates whether you have the academic skills needed to prepare for a career in education and is used as part of a the U.S. teacher licensing process. DANTES administers exams at over 500 military installations through the DANTES Test Control Officer (TCO). The TCO is typically the Education Services Officer or Navy College Education Specialist for the military installation. The exams can also be offered through base-sponsored National Test Centers.

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