Not Enough Credits to Finish Your Degree? Here's What to Do

Not Enough Credits to Finish Your Degree? Here's What to Do

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Do you still need to earn a few more credits before you can graduate college? What’s your plan? Let’s look at what two StraighterLine students did when they faced that problem. . .

  • Latoya Deon needed to take an elective History of Philosophy course before she could graduate from the University of San Francisco. She enrolled in the course at StraighterLine, completed it in about a month, and graduated on August 9, 2013. She estimates that she saved $2,550 by taking her course at StraighterLine instead of at her college.
  • Diana Stone needed to complete four courses and earn four credit hours before she could graduate from Strayer University in 2013. She took those four courses at StraighterLine and didn't need to delay her graduation for a year.

Winning Strategies to Complete Your Degree

As those two success stories show, online learning can help you fill in the gaps, complete required courses, and earn the credits you need to graduate. They also demonstrate that taking the courses you need at your regular college could cost you a lot more than you would if you took them at StraighterLine. Here’s a simple strategy that can work for you . . .

  • If you are currently enrolled in college and need to finish up some courses or earn some credits before you can graduate, meet with your advisor to find out exactly what you need to do in order to graduate. Do you need to complete a specific course? Do you only need to earn a certain number of credit hours? Once you know about the requirements that you’re facing, you can start to plan. You could take the courses you need at your college, or at a community college, or online. But bear in mind that the flexible schedule of StraighterLine courses could be a critical factor in your decision. As Latoya Deon found, she could start her StraighterLine course immediately, without waiting for another semester to begin. She finished up her course quickly and graduated on time.
  • If you’ve been out of college for a while and would like to go back to finish up your coursework and earn your degree, StraighterLine’s Partner College program can work beautifully for you. To learn more, speak with a StraighterLine enrollment counselor (877-787-8375), who will help you evaluate what you need to complete your degree and suggest Partner Colleges that will accept your credits and award your degree. Some partner colleges will even award you credit for your life experiences and knowledge that you gained in the military.

Finish Your Degree with StraighterLine

The days are over when completing your degree could take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you’re ready, explore StraighterLine's college courses for credit here. 

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