Weird College News of the Week

Barry Lenson

Weird College News of the Week

Weird College News of the Week   Dartmouth Installs Pianos at Bus Stops, Vassar Accepts the Wrong Students, and other . . . 

Weird College News of the Week

In case you didn’t realize it, the world of education is filled with events that could be called weird, dumb, and just plain bizarre.

Here’s a roundup of curious college news from the last week alone . . .

  • Vassar College made a mistake on its website and informed 76 students that they had been admitted via the college’s early acceptance program. Then it had to backtrack and tell them that they hadn’t.
  • The Princeton Review recently published – for reasons we can’t quite understand - a list of the 10 American colleges that are most friendly to smoking pot. Colorado College topped the list and the University of California - Santa Cruz came in second.
  • Rutgers University was recognized as the college with the hairiest male students in the nation.
  • Dartmouth is asking people to donate old pianos, which the college will place in parks, at bus stops, and in other outdoor locations where people can play them any time they want.  (Should work for a while, until the pianos get soggy and fall apart. Maybe that is part of the concept.)
  • Sallie Mae has just announced a curious new kind of mortgage insurance.  For $249 per year, the plan will repay you for up to $5,000 per semester if you are forced to drop out of college for medical reasons. Let’s see – if you are attending a state or community college, that might be useful. But if you’re going to a private college that charges $20,000 a semester or so, what is the point? You can use up $5,000 worth of tuition in about a day and a half.

So, what weird is going on in your educational space? Why not take a moment and let us know.

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