Want to Have a Career in the Sports Industry?

Want to Have a Career in the Sports Industry?

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If you are interested in a career in the sports industry, and are considering pursuing your Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS) Degree – you are making a smart move. A Bachelor of Sports Science degree is often the first step towards a career in the sports industry. What you can do with your sports science degree generally depends on your major. Typically, there are four majors within a sports science degree: Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Studies, and Sports Strength & Conditioning.

BSS in Sports Management: If you are looking at being a member of a front-office team, an athletic director, or a facilities manager then this major is for you. Sports management majors take courses in Personnel Management in Sports, Sports Promotion and Event Planning, Sports Marketing, Sports Facilities Management, Public Relations in Sports, and Sports Law and Risk Management.  A Sports Security emphasis is available with this major that will teach the student the basics of emergency planning and management within sports facilities and provide an understanding of the National Emergency Management System.

BSS Sports Coaching: The impetus behind this major is preparing students for the demands of leading individual and team sports at all levels. Graduates have gone on to work in all areas of the Sport Coaching industry using the knowledge gained through the curriculum. Students take courses in Sports Psychology, Sports Coaching Methodology, Foundations of Amateur & Professional Sports, and Sports Medicine. Students also choose courses from an exciting list of Sports Coaching Series courses such as Coaching Football, Coaching Volleyball, Coaching Softball, Coaching Baseball, and Coaching Basketball. There are 12 sports specific coaching courses currently available.

BSS Sports Studies Students in this major create a sports-specific curriculum that can highlight their interests in the world of sports.  Working closely with their academic advisor, the students develop a personalized course of study based upon their individual interests and needs.  Courses are chosen from the Sports Management and Sports Coaching curricula.  If you are uncertain on whether you want to coach a team or manage a team then this major provides the flexibility for you to pursue either.

BSS Sports Strength & Conditioning The newest major is Sports Strength and Conditioning, a doorway to becoming a personal or team trainer. Strength and conditioning job opportunities are expanding and the knowledge required for sports professionals in the field is also increasing.  Students who complete this degree will be prepared to take national certification exams that will further enhance your professional credentials. Additionally, the graduates of this program will have both the required physiological and sports management knowledge to direct, develop, and run a training facility because the curriculum teaches the basics of kinesiology, anatomy and physiology to prevent and care for sports-related injuries.  This major will also enable graduates to work with athletes to improve their athletic performance and to understand how nutrition impacts performance. Do you have the motivation to pursue your degree in an online learning environment where you control the pace of course completion?  If so, you may be ready to begin your studies at StraighterLine Partner College, United States Sports Academy – America’s Sports University – and get on track to pursue your Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS) degree. Learn more. About the Author: Peter DiPaolo is a blogger for United States Sports Academy – America’s Sports University.  

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