What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?

What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?

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You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the top in-demand degrees for the future center around careers in science, engineering and finance. Forward-thinking advances in technology – both on and offline – dominate our work and personal lives. Careers that involve the design, manufacture, monitoring and maintenance of such technologies are new and college degree programs are adapting to prep workers for these emerging career fields.

Fastest Growing Career Fields

Overall, the top growth career fields are:

  • Engineering –software engineers to more traditional avenues are needed
  • Healthcare – nurses, therapists and healthcare managers are in demand
  • Finance – demand for accountants, economists and financial planners is high
  • Information Technology – from developers to cyber-security, these jobs are here to stay

If you’ve been following education and/or career changes and trends, you already know these fields hold the highest career potential.

Top Degrees in Demand for the Future

The types of degrees you’ll need to qualify for these jobs include

  • Business, Statistics, Finance and Math degrees
  • Computer Programming, Networking Management and Information Science degrees
  • Nursing, Physical Therapy and Healthcare Management degrees

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Great Degrees for a High-Paying Career

According to Career Women, top-earning degrees you can’t miss with are

  • Accounting – average annual salaries average $68,000
  • Business Administration & Management – average annual income is $97,000
  • Computer Science - $112,000 is their average annual salary
  • Management Information Systems – salaries average $135,000 per year
  • Physics – annual salaries clock in at $115,000
  • Mathematics – ear $100,000/year in a variety of areas

In particular, information technology is a career field where multiple and varied positions will continue to grow. Hardware, software and firmware technology advances across fields like healthcare, finance and even entertainment create high demand. Here are a few jobs that require bachelor’s degrees:

  • Software engineer – requires coding, debugging and testing programs and apps
  • Data scientist – drills deep into data to find trends and form viable solutions
  • Data security analyst – designs, implements and enforces security solutions

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