Top 7 Reasons Students Complete Summer Courses Online [Infographic]

Top 7 Reasons Students Complete Summer Courses Online [Infographic]

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If you have been thinking about using online courses to earn college credit this summer, need help finding a degree program, or want to know about online course transfer, our team of highly qualified enrollment counselors are here to help!

Student Support

Our Student Advisors love helping out, and they're able to assist you with everything from logging into your course, providing access to resources, requesting transcripts, and more. You can speak with student support seven days a week by calling (877) 787-8375 or chatting with an Enrollment Counselor.


Depending on your individual needs, you have a lot of great options at StraighterLine to get help with your coursework:

  1. Writing Center: Are you planning on taking a writing course, such as English Composition or Business Communication, with us? You can submit a paragraph, an essay draft, or even an outline for review, and an expert writing tutor will help you revise prior to submitting your assignment for grading.
  2. Scheduled Tutoring: Would you like to plan for more in-depth, one-on-one feedback from a subject matter expert? You can schedule a convenient time for a live session to meet your tutoring needs.
  3. Drop-in Tutoring: Do you have a quick question that you need answered right away? Try chatting with a live tutor for immediate assistance.
  4. Offline Questions: Don't feel like chatting or working through a one-on-one session? We've got you covered--you have the option of sending your question and receiving feedback at a time that is more convenient for you.


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