StraighterLine Course Profile: US History I

StraighterLine Course Profile: US History I

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If you need to complete US History–but haven’t taken history before–now’s your chance to learn online with all the support you’ll need, thanks to one of the most popular courses we offer here at StraighterLine…US History I. To enroll, just visit the course page, add the course to your cart, and get started with your class today. You can work around your schedule, plus tutoring and student support is included for free.

Who should take US History?

Love it or hate it, taking a history class is important for many reasons. The obvious thing is that US History I often fulfills a mandatory humanities or social sciences requirement for students earning an AA, BA or BS degree. (This course will earn 3 credits for your degree program.) Our US History I course is similar to the class offered at colleges and universities across the nation. The benefit of taking US History through StraighterLine is an experience that is more convenient, more flexible, and ideal for students juggling a busy schedule or wanting to quickly get their general education courses out of the way. History is also great for those who simply want to learn! We live in a complex world, and it helps to look back and learn about how we arrived at the place we are today. History is fascinating. Plus, why not impress your friends the next time you play a round of trivia?

What features can I expect to see in this history course that will help me succeed?

We have a 24/7 available Tutoring Center which provides you access to assignment feedback, helpful videos and study guides, and an evaluation process that’s both objective and efficient. Timely feedback allows you to complete assignments quickly and ensure you are doing your best.

What kind of work and assignments should I expect?

Students can expect assignments that are clear, engaging, interesting and relevant to today’s world. You’ll examine European exploration and colonization and its impact on Europe, Africa, and the young United States. You’ll also look into the emergence of political, religious, economic, and social institutions. Other topics include causes of the American Revolution, and the resulting impact it had on politics, the economy, and society. Finally, you’ll study how the Industrial Revolution and Western movement changed the lives of Americans, the causes and events of the Civil War, and evaluate how Reconstruction plans succeeded or failed.

How quickly will I have to complete assignments?

There are no homework deadlines or required hours; you can go as fast or as slow as you want on your schedule. The course is always available online so you can go as fast as you want, whenever you want.

Any advice for students enrolling in this course?

Taking a history course is much more than simply memorizing dates. You will learn  how the past shapes relationships between societies and people in our nation and around the world. In fact, US History is one of the most fascinating and useful subjects you can imagine and is a great way to complete general education courses for your degree. By taking this course at StraighterLine, you can make progress at the pace you feel most comfortable, however fast that may be.

What skills will I learn by taking this class?

You’ll learn problem solving, analysis, and an ability to identify cause and effect of past events. You can apply these skills to successfully solve problems that occur on the job and in your daily life. Additionally, you’ll have an improved ability to use historical data to make better decisions. StraighterLine’s US History I class is available with our $99 monthly membership and can be started the same day you enroll.

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