Student Debt Success Stories

Barry Lenson

Not everyone who goes to college ends up deep in debt.  Here are the stories of StraighterLine students who have saved – not borrowed– thousands of dollars by taking high-quality online courses with StraighterLine.

  • College savings storiesLatoya Deon estimates that a three-credit Introduction to a philosophy course at the University of San Francisco would have cost her $2,700.  “My StraighterLine course cost me a total of $150, which is exactly what they said it would cost,” she says. To keep her cost at that level, she signed up for a $99 monthly StraighterLine subscription and paid $49 for her course. She saved about $2,550 by using StraighterLine.



  • Matthew Hines has taken 24 StraighterLine courses to date, which makes him one of the most active StraighterLine students ever. He estimates that those courses have helped him shave about $18,000 from his college costs and helped him avoid taking on a big debt load. Matthew transferred 39 credits to Thomas Edison State College. Visit StraighterLine partner colleges to see how you can earn your degree from a top career-focused university.


  • College Savings StoryCassidy Coker started taking college courses while she was still completing high school. “I am a homeschooled high school student now,” she explains, “but this seemed like a good time to start to earn college credit. I mean, why not?” She saved money and time by starting college earlier. Check out StraighterLine online college courses to see how much you can save.


  • Melissa Molina started with StraighterLine so she could move up in her career. She has taken Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab, Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab, Microbiology, Business Law, Business Statistics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Pharmacology at StraighterLine.  Those courses could have cost her between $2,500 and $9,000 at a regular college, but they cost a fraction of that at StraighterLine. Visit StraighterLine degree paths to see how online college courses can help you advance your career.


  • College Savings StoryBen Gribaudo has also saved a lot of money by using StraighterLine.  “The courses I took probably cost me less than $40 per credit hour, compared to . . . just over $200 per hour. Doing the math, StraighterLine saved me over $1,500!


Save Money, Save Time, and Borrow Less

The less money you spend on college, the less you will potentially have to borrow. Latoya, Diana and the other StraighterLine students we mention above have saved lots of money by taking online courses at StraighterLine.  If they could to it, so can you.

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