StraighterLine and Nazarene Bible College Partner to Make College Affordable and Accessible

StraighterLine and Nazarene Bible College Partner to Make College Affordable and Accessible

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Nazarene Bible College is the first religiously affiliated institution to partner with StraighterLine

Alexandria, VA – StraighterLine ( announced today that  Nazarene Bible College (, one of ten Nazarene institutions of higher education in the United States, has joined StraighterLine’s expanding partner college network.  Nazarene Bible College was founded in 1967 and is the only U.S. institution of the Church of the Nazarene given the responsibility and funding to deliver multicultural contextual education. Nazarene Bible College’s mission is to prepare men and women for ministry, but it is committed to doing that in an affordable, accessible, and accountable way, through a mix of both campus and distance learning.  Affordable, accessible, and accountable are three concepts StraighterLine also considers as critical components for their higher education model. At StraighterLine, students can take freshman and introductory-level classes and save thousands of dollars on a four-year college degree.  Students pay only $99 per month plus $39 per course started (a one-time fee) and can move as quickly or slowly through the material as they like. Through this partnership, students who successfully complete StraighterLine online college courses may now transfer these courses for full credit when they enroll with Nazarene Bible College, using the transfer credits towards completion of their post-secondary degrees at Nazarene Bible College.  The partnership represents the first time StraighterLine’s innovative education model is being used by a religiously affiliated college. StraighterLine offers a simple way for students to save tens of thousands of dollars on their college tuition bills while still earning a degree from a fast-growing number of well-known, respected academic institutions that have partnered with StraighterLine. StraighterLine courses have been evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE)’s Credit Recommendation Service and have met or exceeded the Distance Education and Training Council’s standards for online course quality.  Thousands of North American colleges and universities recognize and accept ACE recommended courses. Currently, StraighterLine offers nine entry-level college courses online, including College Algebra, Precalculus, English Comp I, English Comp II, Accounting I, Accounting II, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business Statistics and two developmental courses, with more to be offered soon. StraighterLine partner colleges and universities include the following institutions:

  • American InterContinental University (AIU) (
  • Assumption College (
  • Capella University (
  • Charter Oak State College (
  • Excelsior College (
  • Fort Hays State University (
  • Jefferson Community and Technical College (
  • Kaplan University (
  • Lake City Community College (
  • Nazarene Bible College (
  • Potomac College (
  • Thompson Rivers University (
  • Western Governors University (

“With StraighterLine, students seeking a degree in ministry or in other subjects from Nazarene Bible College now have an affordable option” said Burck Smith, StraighterLine’s CEO and Founder. “NBC is pleased to accept ACE-approved credits from StraighterLine and provide options for students who are seeking ways to complete a degree,” stated Dr. David Phillips, NBC’s Vice President and Dean for Online Academic Services.   Nazarene Bible College Nazarene Bible College is an undergraduate, professional school of Christian ministry committed to academic and practical programs designed to educate students for service and leadership in a diverse world. Founded and sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene, the college has a unique place among the institutions of higher learning in the denomination. The college provides ministerial preparation for a diverse community of adult learners primarily within the United States through traditional and innovative delivery systems. The college is committed to a strong program of academic excellence offering baccalaureate and associate degrees supported by appropriate student development programs and strategies. Nazarene Bible College views truth through the Wesleyan-Holiness perspective and affirms the Bible as the cornerstone for a proper understanding of God's redemptive plan for humankind. The college especially emphasizes the biblical doctrine of entire sanctification and living a holy, Christ-like life. The college is located in Colorado Springs, CO. StraighterLine                                           StraighterLine provides students with a new online option for getting started on a college degree – freshman-level college courses for only US$99 a month, plus a one-time US$39 per course started fee. The program includes up to 10 hours of one-on-one instructional support. StraighterLine is a great way to tackle the escalating cost of four-year college tuition and avoid a mountain of student debt. Costs for students that move through courses at the same pace as courses offered through a traditional semester schedule, are ultimately less than US$43 per credit hour. Many students move through the material even faster which allows for greater savings. Students who successfully complete StraighterLine online college courses receive credit when they enroll with any school in our rapidly expanding network of regionally accredited partner colleges and universities. In addition, the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT - has also evaluated and recommended college credit for StraighterLine courses. ACE CREDIT helps students gain access to academic credit at colleges and universities for formal courses and examinations taken in settings outside traditional higher education. For information, visit or call 1-877-str8erline (1-877-787-8375). Contacts: Widmeyer Communications Charles Martin 202 667-0901  [email protected]

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