Best Way to Go to College in Your PJs

Best Way to Go to College in Your PJs

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College students love fads. Back in the roaring twenties, they danced the Charleston and squeezed themselves into phone booths. After that, they swallowed goldfish. Then at some point, they fell in love with the practice of going to class in pajamas. Pajamas and campus life are perfect together. PJs are comfy and comforting. If you wake up only five minutes before class, you can dash right out of your dorm and straight to class. However, pajamas and online classes go even better together. So, if you really want to attend college in your PJs all the time – and why shouldn’t you? – here is our big suggestion for making it happen:

Take your college courses online.

You can certainly wear pajamas all the time if you are taking online college courses. Or you can wear sweatpants. You can wear a prom dress or a tuxedo. Or you can wear a swim suit. You can wear flip flops or high heels or no shoes at all. Or you can wear khakis or leggings or shorts. Heck, you can wear a wetsuit and put a pineapple on your head if you want to. Online, you take your courses wherever and whenever you want. The focus is on what you are learning, not on what you are wearing. Whatever helps you perform better should be celebrated and encouraged and worn! So be pajama brave – and wear what you want. Just enjoy the journey while earning your degree. And if you are looking for flexibility in how you complete your courses, in addition to what you wear, we can help you out. 

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