How a Working Mother Got On the Fast Track to Earn Her Biology Degree in Less Than 2 Years. A StraighterLine Success Story.

Beth Dumbauld

successstory_girl_120814Johnnie Galbo’s career goal is to become a biology teacher. It’s been years since she earned her associate degree – but after taking a job as a paraprofessional in a high school, she knows she needs her bachelor’s degree to take her teaching career to the next level.

So, with one daughter still in high school, and another in college, Johnnie decided it was time to go back and get her Bachelor of Arts in Biology at StraighterLine partner college, Western Governor's University (WGU).

There was just one speed bump – her advisor at WGU told her she would need to complete several prerequisite courses before being able to start her degree program. Johnnie was concerned:  “If I couldn’t find a way to take my courses online, I couldn’t [earn my degree].”

Choosing WGU - a Competency-Based Degree Program

While researching online degree options, Johnnie realized that a competency-based degree program would let her take her college courses at home – and allow her to move quickly through course material she already knew.

She had heard great things about the affordability and reputation of StraighterLine competency-based partner college, Western Governors University and when she looked a little deeper into the school’s teacher-education programs, she knew it would be a great fit.

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Finding General Education Courses Online

“After my advisor at WGU told me I needed to complete a few general education courses prior to enrolling, I was fixing to give up,” said Johnnie. "I needed to know if there were any options online." That's when her student advisor suggested she take a look at StraighterLine's online college courses as an affordable and flexible way to complete prerequisite courses online.

Johnnie was thrilled by what she found at StraighterLine. The courses were available 100% online, guaranteed to transfer into her degree program at WGU – and could help her save on her degree!

“My goal is to earn my bachelor’s degree in 1 to 2 years at most. With StraighterLine & WGU, I can.” - Johnnie Galbo

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Getting Back into the Swing of College Level Courses

Johnnie looked through the online courses available through StraighterLine and found exactly what she needed to help her get back into the swing of taking college level courses.

“I couldn’t have gone back to school without StraighterLine,” she added, “I needed to complete college algebra, but I had been out of school for like a 100 years.” So Johnnie decided to start her college journey with StraighterLine’s Introductory Algebra which helped build her confidence and get her back on the degree track with college level courses.

4 StraighterLine Courses & $200 Credit to WGU

Since WGU is a participating school in StraighterLine’s College Savings Network that offers special scholarships and tuition discounts to StraighterLine students, Johnnie was able to receive a $200 tuition credit to WGU when she successfully transferred 4 StraighterLine courses to the school. In addition to Introductory Algebra, Johnnie also used StraighterLine to save on Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Biology Lab, and Introduction to Communications.

"By completing 4 StraighterLine courses, I got a $200 credit on my tuition at Western Governors University.” - Johnny Galbo

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Advice to Other Online Students

Johnnie has some words of wisdom for other online students:  “You need to be self-motivated.” She also adds, “I wish someone had shown me the path about how to go back to school with online courses. Luckily, I found StraigherLine.”

She also suggests that adult learners look into competency-based education as a way to reduce their time to a degree, “WGU being competency-based is crazy! Within the first month of being enrolled, I finished 4 courses!”

Dramatically Reducing the Time and Cost of a College Degree

Thanks to StraighterLine, Johnnie finds herself on track to earn her degree as planned. “My goal is to finish my degree in 1-2 years.” She adds, “I couldn’t have gone back to school without StraighterLine.”

With a successful head start on her degree and a $200 credit towards her tuition, Johnnie is now enrolled at WGU and rapidly completing the courses she needs for her Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology. Congratulations Johnnie!

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