Morning Routines for Productivity

Morning Routines for Productivity

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It’s been proven that starting your morning off on the right foot sets your mood and mindset for the rest of the day. Instead of waking up overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done in the next 24 hours, try setting a morning routine to better manage early-day stress and productivity levels. Your routine can encompass anything you find valuable for a strong mindset as well as preparation for the day’s events. Once you have your morning routine nailed down, commit and make it a habit. Creating and managing a morning routine can be tricky, so we've prepared some great tips on making and sticking to a routine below.

Why make a daily routine?

Daily routines drastically improve productivity, especially when working on online college courses from home. Daily routines create a sense of control over your life and schedule, gets your priorities in line, and helps you achieve the things you need to get done in a timely manner. With a daily routine, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed with different classes, assignments and deadlines, ensures you start the day on a positive note, and helps you use your time wisely. Great daily routines start when you begin your day.

How to make a daily routine

Use these tips below to help you set up your morning routine. You can insert things you find most valuable so your routine will be as unique as you. Remember, it may take some time to refine your routine and make it work well, so be patient with yourself while you work out the bugs.

  1. Determine what time you want to wake up and do it every day for 6 months straight. Consistency is key. After 6 months it’ll become second nature and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  2. Set your alarm across the room so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. This forces you to get out of bed, gets your blood moving, and propels you forward to the next item in your routine.
  3. Don’t look at your phone for at least 30 minutes after you wake up—it’s a literal time vacuum. Checking emails or social media before you’ve stared your daily goals can cause you to feel overwhelmed or behind, when in reality your day just started.
  4. Consider implementing exercise, like a brisk walk or fifteen minutes of yoga. This will give you an energy boost and ensure you’re starting your day off on a good note.
  5. A quick shower or even brushing your teeth and washing your face can energize you and make you feel more ready for the world.
  6. Drink lots of water, starting in the morning. You get dehydrated overnight so starting your day with a glass of water will ensure hydration and energy throughout the day.
  7. Eat something nutritious. Protein will keep you from getting hungry mid-morning and eating convenience foods that are better avoided, like sugar.
  8. Get dressed for the day’s tasks. If choosing an outfit is difficult for you in the a.m., pick your clothes the night before, and avoid spending too much time inside your closet.
  9. Keep a clean, dedicated working space. Having a place at home where you can get classwork done without clutter will help you clear your mind and stay productive. Work on one assignment or project at a time, to sharpen focus.
  10. Every morning, every Monday, and the 1st of every month, write down your “wish list” of everything you’d like to get done through the day, week, or month. While this might feel overwhelming, include everything from online schoolwork and classes to workouts and family time. Prioritize tasks from most to least important. When you seem unmotivated, reviewing priorities keeps you on track to meet goals.
  11. Remind yourself of your short-term and long-term goals daily. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind to help you be more productive and enthusiastic to do the work. Write them out—checking things off the to-do list feels amazing.

Waking up at the same time every day, staying healthy with exercise and nutrition, dressing for success, and reminding yourself of your goals are all ways experts advise to start your day off on the right foot. Facing the world well rested, pulled together and focused can make you feel like you can conquer the day ahead, no matter what needs to be done. These adjustments can make a world of a difference in your productivity and help you reach both your short-term and long-term goals. Use our tips to create, adjust and maintain a personalized morning routine that will help you excel academically and in life, then reap the rewards of your achievements. If you'd like to give a StraighterLine course a try, sign up for a free trial today.

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