Retain information from School Over the Summer

Retain information from School Over the Summer

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Reviewed by Julie Vandekreke  Summer is here, and it’s a great time to take a much-needed break after a long and unusual school year. While slowing down and focusing your attention on other areas is necessary and healthy, you also want to be sure you retain information you learned last year. Enable yourself to make a smooth transition to your fall semester by using these tips from StraighterLine.

Top Three Retention Tips for Retaining Information Over the Summer

1 - Read for 15 minutes a day in your subject area to help retain what you’ve already learned.

  • Browse recent events and find ways to connect them with what you’ve learned during the school year to aid retention.
  • Decide which sub-topics within your major you’re interested in and deep dive into one of those at a time, building upon what you’ve retained.
  • Find a new title on your major or surf for the latest articles to keep the material fresh and stay current on the newest information and trends.

2 - Take a different online class over the summer to keep your learning tools sharp and retention on point

  • Taking a summer class outside your major will keep you in the swing of school, studying, and taking tests, and always makes the transition into fall classes smoother.
  • Try a class different from your major, in another or new area of interest, to experience something different and keep your interest in learning fresh.

3 - Choose to engage in an online class you’d have to take in the fall and surge ahead on your march to graduation

  • While we may be spending more time inside and away from friends than normal this summer, use the time productively and get ahead on your degree, taking the classes you need during the summer and keep retention sharp.
  • This choice can also make your life easier in the future, with one less class in your fall course load, or maybe one less in your final semester, when you need to make the most of your time.

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy friends and family, and you can always make retention your focus by reading in your major, taking a needed course outside your major, or moving ahead by knocking out a course inside your major. If you follow these simple tips to help you retain the information you’ve already learned, you can stay on course and developing a deep and meaningful understanding of your major. Take a look at all the classes StraighterLine offers and find something you’ll enjoy learning this summer—with our flexible online courses you can enjoy everything summer has to offer and still keep your academic edge!

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