Help Your Students Overcome Challenges and Earn their Degree

Help Your Students Overcome Challenges and Earn their Degree

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As a student advisor, you help your students overcome a wide range of challenges every day. The coronavirus outbreak has created new anxieties for you and your students, and you may be wondering: Do I have the resources I need to help my students reach their academic goals and earn their degree? Given the impact of COVID-19, you may be asking yourself:

  • How can I support students who are financially unable to pay for their courses?
  • How do I guide students who have stopped out and are struggling to re-enroll in school?
  • How can I help students who have fallen behind get back on track?

You might consider StraighterLine as a potential answer in helping support your students. StraighterLine programs and courses are a resource available to you that offers a “refer and return” solution that works for students who need a high quality, affordable and flexible path to earning their degree. Every month, student advisors from hundreds of colleges and universities refer students to StraighterLine so students can complete needed coursework and transfer credit back to their school. Some of these referral scenarios include:

Students are at-risk of dropping out due to financial constraints.

For students who may be struggling with financial pressures, courses start at $79 plus a $99 monthly membership and are 100% online. Students can access StraighterLine coursework immediately, move at their own pace, and pay as they go. Most students are able to complete a course in 4 to 6 weeks and realize a cost per credit of under $100 per credit hour.

Students have stopped out for a variety of personal or professional reasons.

Students looking to re-enroll may benefit from an alternate path back into college. StraighterLine courses allow them to proceed at their own pace and receive proactive student support, free tutoring, and course feedback from subject matter experts. Students can make progress toward their degree before re-enrolling and returning to your school. This provides students a low-risk path to secure course credit, build confidence and complete their degree.

Students have fallen behind due to personal circumstances.

As a student advisor, you know that family responsibilities, job duties and life events can get in the way of a student finishing their degree. In these cases, students may need a more flexible schedule to study when and where they can fit it in. Students can study where, when, and how fast they want, and stay on track by earning the college credit they need. Online courses can be a convenient way for students to ease back into school. If you need a resource partner to help students start or resume their education, StraighterLine is a high quality, affordable option, offering students convenience and flexibility. 

It’s easy to refer students to StraighterLine:

  1. Have the student call (877) 787-8375 or visit to talk to a team member about how to get started, what to expect, course transfer, transcript processing and how to earn college credit.
  2. A student can choose from more than 60 courses in areas such as math, science, humanities, English composition, social science and business. eTextbooks and online tutoring are included for free.
  3. After completing a StraighterLine course, students can use a no-cost StraighterLine transcript or an ACE CREDIT® transcript for credit transfer back.

StraighterLine makes it easy for students to finish the courses and simply transfer their credits back to your school.      

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