How to Prepare Students For College with StraighterLine

How to Prepare Students For College with StraighterLine

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As a student advisor you likely work with your share of first-time college applicants who lack the necessary prerequisites or admissions requirements to start or successfully complete their degree program. This is not surprising: research suggests that 60% of all first-year college students are not ready for college level courses. For many colleges and universities, helping applicants meet admissions requirements – and increasing persistence rates – is a never-ending pursuit. Being able to offer proven pre-enrollment, corequisite and skill-building solutions will not only help the applicant, but will also allow you and your school to enroll, retain and graduate more students.

Prepare your students for success in college

Applicants confronted with college readiness hurdles need a clear path forward in order to enroll and succeed in their degree program. Whether they need to complete prerequisites or build necessary college level skills, they will benefit from extra support, encouragement and options that match their unique circumstances. Adult learners in particular often need extra help with the college experience; they often find tutoring services helpful, and can benefit from simply having a counselor they can call to talk them through the enrollment process. They also benefit from online classes; having the option to attend class from home and on their own schedule gives adult learners much needed flexibility when it comes to managing their course load while juggling family and job responsibilities. StraighterLine helps you admit more college ready students - and can help deliver proven corequisite courses for those students needing additional support StraighterLine offers college readiness programs that allow students to earn college level credit, complete needed prerequisite or corequisite courses, and build critical skills in a low-cost, low-risk environment. Students you refer to StraighterLine are able to enroll in online courses, proceed at their own pace, and benefit from hands-on student support, free tutoring, and coursework feedback from subject matter experts. Once students complete their StraighterLine courses, they are referred back to your institution to continue and complete their degree program. We often hear from advisors who ask “how do I know if I refer my students to StraighterLine that they’ll come back?” A perfectly natural question; our data shows that 97% of StraighterLine students who send a transcript on to a college or university do so to the institution that referred them.

Proven results for schools to retain and graduate more students

This approach works. Students who succeed at StraighterLine stay enrolled at their university and persist at rates substantially higher than their peers. In this case study, 93% of students who successfully completed the StraighterLine program were still enrolled in their degree program after 13 months, a 30% higher persistence rate compared to their direct-to-university peers. Students also progressed faster through their course loads after taking StraighterLine’s program, completing 28% more credits per term than their peers and graduating one full term earlier. Each month, hundreds of colleges and universities refer their students to StraighterLine to help students from diverse backgrounds overcome college readiness challenges and succeed in their degree program.

It’s easy to refer your students to StraighterLine

  1. Get your student started by asking them to call (877) 787-8375 or visit to talk to a team member about how to enroll, what to expect, course transfer, transcript processing and how to earn college credit.
  2. A student can then choose from more than 60 general education courses as well as entryway math and english courses. eTextbooks and online tutoring are included for free.
  3. After completing a StraighterLine course, students can use a no-cost StraighterLine transcript or an ACE CREDIT® transcript for credit transfer back to your school, quickly and easily.

StraighterLine is an affordable solution for students who need to complete college prerequisites. The $99 monthly tuition model incentivizes fast completion and transfer of course credit back to your school. With more than 60 accredited general education college online courses to choose from, and no start or stop dates, students can immediately enroll in as many courses as they need to help them meet admissions requirements.

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