Start Preparing for an Online Fall Semester

Start Preparing for an Online Fall Semester

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Reviewed by Julie Vandekreke 

Due to the pandemic, many colleges and universities are looking at alternatives to in-person classes. Given the current situation, there are many reasons you should prepare for an online fall semester right now, so take a look at some reasons to take your studies online with StraighterLine for the fall semester below.

Save money

One of the top reasons to take online classes is to save money on tuition and travel to and from campus. StraighterLine’s classes are affordable and transferrable, so you have nothing to lose by doing them from home. If you’re not going to be able to attend classes at your brick and mortar college campus this fall, check to see whether you can get the same class experience through StraighterLine to save money on the cost of your degree.

Stay on track with your goals

Online classes help you stay on track when life throws you a curve or a pandemic. You may feel like taking a semester off is the best option for you when classes are going to move online because of unforeseen circumstances, but this can cause to you fall behind on your degree. Ensure you stay on track with credits that will transfer to over 300 colleges.

No wasted credit 

Don’t take a course that ends up being useless in your degree plan. At StraighterLine, you can enroll in courses that are equivalent to courses in your degree program at your college and transfer them seamlessly when it’s time to go back to campus.

No waitlist

Afraid of being waitlisted for a course you need and falling behind, through no fault of your own? When you work with StraighterLine, you can make your choice and get started the same day. No need to plan months in advance, apply, or wait for other students to decide before you start your class.

Complete prerequisites

Often, certain courses have to be taken in order, so be sure you don’t miss an important piece of your degree puzzle. If you’re concerned about missing a prerequisite and having your graduation date pushed back, consider taking a self-paced StraighterLine course to keep your studies on track.

Meet admission requirements 

If you need to complete admission requirements, let StraighterLine help you move forward so you can start on time. If you have a pre-enrollment program to complete, do so with StraighterLine courses so you’ll be ready to get off to a great start in your degree program, whether online or on campus. In these  times, it’s hard to know what to expect, what’s going to happen next, or what your best option might be as things change. Keeping your options open with StraighterLine’s low-cost and time-efficient classes can prepare you to succeed no matter what happens in the fall semester. StraighterLine offers great online courses for a great price, letting you set your own pace and reach your goals no matter how your schedule may change. Like to give a StraighterLine courses a try, sign up for a Free Trial today.

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