How To Pick the Right College Major 

How To Pick the Right College Major 
Beth Dumbauld

Your major can determine the work you do, the income you earn, even the people you meet and places you go. Choosing your major is an exciting and sometimes intimidating process. It’s a choice that can shape your future. How can you be sure you’re making the “right” choice? Well, we’ve got some news for you…

There’s No Real “Right” or “Wrong” Choice

You are already setting yourself up for success, simply by earning a degree. Your education will open doors for you, improve your job prospects, and bring you a new perspective on the world. What’s important now is to choose a major that will help you create the life you want in the future. In every sphere—science, education, arts, business and so on—there are many different options that will appeal to different types of people. Explore your options, and find one that will take you where you want to go.

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What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Want?

Not all majors are created equal. Your choice of major can predict your employability and earning potential:

What is most important to you? You may prefer to have better job security in the future, or you may want to make more money. You may be willing to take on a challenging major in order to get both. Or, you might be drawn to a major that fulfills you on a personal level, even though you may have to be more patient to find well-paid work.

Think hard about what sort of life you want to be living ten years from now. How much do you want to earn? What sort of work life do you want to have? Weigh the options to find a major in your sphere of study that has the right sort of prospects for your future.

What Would You Do If Cost Wasn’t a Barrier?

What would you study if the financial risk was eliminated? If you could try out introductory courses without worrying about accruing debt, what would you try?

For many students, the cost of college makes certain majors seem out of the question. If you need to build up your skills and credits in math, science, or English composition, you may be leery at the cost of spending those additional semesters in school. But by taking those basic courses online, you can save a significant amount of money and make your “dream” major much more affordable.

By planning smart and strategizing for your future, you can and should achieve the things you want in life. So pick a major that will get you there, and give yourself a financial advantage by taking affordable online courses. By making the “right” choices from the beginning, you set yourself up for success down the line.

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