1 Credit Short of Graduating College? Let StraighterLine Help

1 Credit Short of Graduating College? Let StraighterLine Help

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After full-time student and part-time IT worker Brian Shulda discovered he needed one more course in order to graduate on time, he turned to online college courses to get the credit he needed. Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today!

Discovering Flexible College Credit Options

“At the end of fall semester, I found out I needed biology in order to graduate in May,” says Brian. “I was like, ‘oh no!’ The spring biology class didn’t fit in my schedule, so I took a CLEP instead – and failed.” He realized he needed another option, and ultimately found a better way to complete the required course.

Friends Help Friends Make the Right Choices

Worried he would be unable to graduate, Brian turned to a friend for help. “A classmate recommended StraighterLine. He said it was a much better learning experience, so I checked it out and signed up.”

Fitting in Online Courses Around a Work – and Graduation - Schedule

As a full-time student at Liberty University and part-time employee in an IT department, Brian found taking a StraighterLine online college course both flexible and convenient. “I liked being able to take course on my own time,” said Brian. “I didn’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time.” To be successful in the biology course, Brian worked through the class material at his own speed and developed a study strategy. “I took it seriously because I knew I needed this course to graduate. If I knew I had a quiz coming up, I would study during work breaks and read through the material.”

Brian successfully completed his course, which easily transferred to StraighterLine partner college Liberty University. “The process was easy. I had to apply to graduate, and I took my biology final exam a few days before I needed to get the application in. I brought the registrar a transcript, and everything worked out fine.”

Graduating on Time

Brian got his diploma during the graduation ceremony this summer at Liberty University. He started his full time job as a computer lab supervisor in June. Congrats, Brian! We have over 100 partner schools that guarantee credit transfer. Check them out here!

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