Medical Terminology Made Simple: Myopia

Medical Terminology Made Simple: Myopia

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Medical Terminology Made Simple: Myopia

As a service to people who are thinking of entering the medical and medical support professions, StraighterLine is launching a series of short posts on medical terminology. Each post will define one medical term.

Today’s medical term is . . . Myopia

Myopia is commonly called “nearsightedness.” Myopia is evil-sounding, but it’s really not too big a deal – it just means that because of the shape of your eye, the image that should be focused neatly onto your retina but somewhere in front of it. Your retina, in case you don’t know, is the back side of your eye. If your forehead is resting against your computer screen as you read this, chances are you have myopia. If you have myopia, your eye doctor can correct the problem easily by writing a prescription for glasses or contact lenses that help focus incoming images correctly on the retina. If you already have eyeglasses and can see things clearly, you might even have myopia and not even know it. Some of the other medical conditions we are have defined on this blog, like thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, are really going to make your life tough if you get them. But if you have myopia, don’t sweat it. Just remember to take your glasses when you go out to lunch, and relax. 

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