Are You Making the Most of Your High School Experience?

Are You Making the Most of Your High School Experience?

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By Rachel Martin


What is the purpose of high school? Is it the friends, the extra-curricular activities, or the high school experience?

What if it is none of the above? High school is designed to prepare you for something greater - college, career, or whatever grand adventure comes next. Since the point of high school is to prepare students for life beyond the classroom, why not give yourself a head start by earning dual credit for what you are already learning? The first two years of college are usually a repeat of the final years of high school. General education subjects essentially reiterate what was already learned. Dual credit provides an excellent opportunity to earn college credit for the things you’re already learning.

Earning college credit in high school provides many perks that set you up for future success. Save money The average cost of a college course is approximately $606 per credit hour. However, online courses provide transferable college credit, sans the sticker shock. With the average student debt tottering around $30,000, it’s vital to save wherever you can.

Prepare to launch your career When you earn credit in high school, you’ll have less classes to take when begin your college career. With fewer courses to tackle when you begin college after high school, you can focus on making the most of your time as a college student. Whether you pursue your degree online or at a physical campus, you can focus on what is important to you. With additional time not spent in class, you can gain real-life experience that will help you as you launch your career. Beyond a degree, potential employers seek the soft skills that can only come from experience in potential candidates. If you’re not tied to the classroom full time, you have the opportunity to gain skills through:

  • Internships
  • Study body participation
  • Part-time work
  • Focusing on the specific classes that directly apply to your career field

Why repeat your high school classes when you can get so much more out of your education? For guidance in making the most of your high school and college experience, check out online courses like StraighterLine which help students from all walks of life optimize their education. Rachel Martin is a blogger and copywriter for CollegePrep, a customized education service that guides students and families in the dual credit process. Rachel loves writing articles that help students see and achieve their full potential. 

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