How One Student Uses StraighterLine to Prepare for Medical School

Barry Lenson

How One Student Uses StraighterLine to Prepare for Medical School

Inessa Volkonidina Used StraighterLine to Prepare for Medical SchoolInessa Volkonidina majored in Biology at Long Island University. She is now working full-time at a manufacturing company while she prepares for medical school. How is she getting ready? By taking online courses at StraighterLine.

In a recent conversation with StraighterLine, Inessa explained how she is using online college courses to prepare for her future as a physician.

StraighterLine: How did you find your calling to become a physician?

Inessa: For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to help people. Therefore, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. I believe my passion comes from my family, since I come from a family of doctors and chemists. My family has always been supportive of me and has never pushed me into anything. Currently, I work for a wholesale jewelry manufacturing company and I also volunteer at a hospital. I complete paperwork, distribute medication, help doctors at the ICU. If you name it, I probably do it or have done it.

SL: How did you find your way to StraighterLine?

Inessa: Just by browsing the internet. I was looking for an online course and I happened to stumble across Yahoo Answers, where someone commented that their grandchild or child took a course at StraighterLine and that it was a legitimate course and website.

SL: Did you take any online courses before StraighterLine?

Inessa: Before StraighterLine, I had not taken any online courses. Therefore, they were new to me. I had heard different opinions regarding online courses. However, I disregarded what people said and took the course and it was amazing. The syllabus was identical to the course offered in my college. However, the explanation that was provided by StraighterLine was amazing compared to the explanation given to me by my college professor.

SL: What StraighterLine courses have you taken?

Inessa: As of today, I have taken Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Medical Terminology. I am currently taking Physiology and Anatomy I. I took courses in Physiology and Anatomy separately. However, I had never taken Anatomy and Physiology, so I thought it would be a great review for my MCATs. And Long Island University agreed to include the courses in my transcript.

SL: Was it complicated to transfer your credits to Long Island University?

Inessa: I did transfer the StraighterLine credits to LIU. At first LIU was not thrilled to hear about me taking courses in another school online. Of course, what school would be happy when their student takes courses at another facility, especially because schools lose money that way? However, LIU accepted the credits because it is on the list of schools that accept ACE credits.

SL: What role do StraighterLine courses play in your future plans?

Inessa: StraighterLine has SAVED me a lot of money. I paid $100 for Pre-Calculus and I received Calculus for free. I did previously take Pre-Calculus and Calculus at LIU, where I received my B.S. in Biology. However, I decided to drop the courses because I did not like the way the professors taught the courses. StraighterLine offered the courses in complete detail. If you had problems with Algebra (which was why I was suffering in Pre-Calculus and Calculus), StraighterLine acknowledged that and offered courses in great detail and depth. I understood what I was doing and I was not guessing. I finally understood where those weird numbers were coming from!

SL: Do you have any more comments about what it was like to take courses at StraighterLine?

Inessa: I never had a problem with StraighterLine. In all honesty what attracted me was the cost of the classes. In addition, the StraighterLine staff is amazing. When I needed something, they were always there. And believe me, they are hard-working. One time I ran into a problem and my adviser was sick and out for a week. However when she came back, she stayed half the night in the office catching up on her work. I received an email from her at 1:00 in the morning! Now, that is dedication.

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