How Much Will You Owe after Graduating from Western Governors University?

How Much Will You Owe after Graduating from Western Governors University?

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If you visit the website of Western Governors University (WGU), you will see that the University’s motto is “Online. Accelerated. Affordable. Accredited.” And those are not empty promises. Since it was founded as a nonprofit institution by the governors of 19 states in 1995, WGU has been doing all it can to make affordable online education available to adults in all 50 States.

Western Governors University has another unique feature too. Its operations are overseen by a National Advisory Board that includes executives from more than 10 major corporations, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates and other foundations. That board helps make sure that WGU students are getting the kind of education that prepares them for real jobs – and real success – after they earn their degrees. WGU is extremely affordable. For many of its programs, WGU charges tuition at a flat rate of $2,890 every six months, not for credit hours. Costs are a bit higher for certain programs. If you are enrolled to earn a BSN or MSN in nursing, for example, your program will cost $3,250 every six months.  So as you can tell, WGU is delivering not only top instruction, but remarkable value. Depending on your program, four years of study at WGU could result in a total tuition cost in the range of about $24,000-$40,000. That is about the same as one year’s tuition at many colleges and universities today.

WGU also offers an exceptionally large number of scholarships and special aid packages, including some for military personnel, veterans, and spouses. Some of these scholarships are being funded by major corporations such as AT&T and American Express.

But let’s get back to the question: How much will you owe in student loans after you graduate from WGU? According to data compiled by American School Search, WGU graduates owe an average of $8,900 in Federal loans, which is certainly less than the amount owed by many students who graduate from private or even state universities owing two or three times that much, or more. (Note that that $8,900 figure includes only Federal loans and not loans that students might have taken from banks or other private lenders.)

And You Could Save Even More

WGU is one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges, there are ways to slash your expenses even more. For example, you could trim a semester, or even a year of college by starting your college coursework at StraighterLine, then transferring your college credits to WGU. So, is WGU the kind of educational bargain you’ve been looking for? Yes, it is. And thanks to StraighterLine, you can reduce the costs of going there even more.

Two Special Offers from Western Governors University

If WGU sounds like a great university to you, we have some good news. WGU wants to offer you two money-saving incentives.

  • Get up to a $200 tuition credit when you transfer your StraighterLine courses to Western Governors University. The tuition credit is $50 per course for the first four (4) StraighterLine courses transferred upon admission to WGU ($200 maximum). To qualify, courses must be (1) completed before his or her first term of enrollment at WGU and (2) eligible for transfer to WGU. WGU applies the tuition credit to the student's first-term tuition bill at WGU.
  • If you plan to attend WGU Call 1-866-225-5948 to find out how to get a special discount coupon for your first StraighterLine course.

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