How Does ACE Credit Transfer Work?

How Does ACE Credit Transfer Work?

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"The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) was established in 1974 to connect workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping students gain access to academic credit for formal training taken outside traditional degree programs." If you take courses at StraighterLine and want to transfer the credits you earned to a college or university outside our partner network,  you may be wondering how does the credit transfer process work using ACE Credit. We've go the help you need. Let’s take a closer look at credit transfer:

Are all StraighterLine Courses ACE Recommended?

Yes!  ACE has reviewed and recommended college credit for all StraighterLine courses.

Where Can I Transfer StraighterLine College Credits?

StraighterLine students report that transferring credits to their colleges is easy. Check out our credit transfer video to learn more.

Can I Enroll in StraighterLine Courses Today?

Yes. Visit our college courses page, choose the course you want, and get started today!

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