Graduation Ceremony Checklist

Graduation Checklist

What should you take with you if you’ll be attending a high school or college graduation in the next few weeks? Here are some suggestions from the editors of the Straight Talk blog:

Sunscreen – In case the graduation ceremony is held outdoors.

Umbrella – In case the graduation ceremony is held outdoors too – spring weather is unpredictable.

Handkerchief – If it rains and graduation moves into a steamy gym, you are going to be sweating. Also, you might cry.

Extra graduation cards and cash to put into them – Chances are you won’t remember some of your graduate’s best friends until their names are announced at graduation, and you’ll be embarrassed if you don’t have a card to give them.

Air horn – You can embarrass your graduate by blowing it when his or her name is read. Also works to wake up the people who are sitting just ahead of you.

Weird relative who always says inappropriate things – This will assure that you will have good stories to tell about graduation in the years ahead.

Handwritten crib sheet containing the names of your grad’s best friends and their parents – So you can remember their names and not embarrass yourself.

Huge hat (for women) – The idea is that you walk to your seat, sit down, then take it off to produce a feeling of relief in the people who are sitting behind you.
  After all, your grad has worked hard to achieve something significant, and chances are you have made sacrifices too. So don’t leave your feeling of pride at home. Graduation really is a time to celebrate.

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