Get Ahead on Your Business Degree Online

Get Ahead on Your Business Degree Online

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Reviewed by Julie Vandekreke  With the large price tag that often comes with higher education, you want to make the most of your time and money. Smart students don’t pay extra tuition and fees to take classes they can take online instead, ahead of time, for a fraction of the cost. Read further to learn how to get ahead on your degree by discovering all the business courses StraighterLine offers.

Avoid the rising cost of university by getting prerequisites out of the way

Create your path to early graduation and ensure you spend less time and money in the long run. Understanding the order in which your classes should be taken, which prerequisites are required for more advanced courses, helps you stay on track academically and financially. Take your classes in the order that can help you complete your business degree most efficiently and save on tuition and time by taking self-paced online business classes at StraighterLine.

Get ahead while other students take time off

Taking classes during traditional “down times” like summer or winter breaks gives you an easy opportunity to get ahead by taking online classes. You won’t sacrifice your whole vacation because self-paced online classes work around your schedule and don’t require you to log in at a certain time.

Make money while taking classes with a flexible class schedule

Consider this: because you don’t have to attend classes on campus, you’ll be able to take your online StraighterLine classes around your already-existing work schedule. Because the classes allow you to go as quickly or as slowly as you want, you can finish as quickly as your other obligations (family, career, etc.) allow.

Transfer your credits easily to many different universities

Did you know that when you enroll with one of StraighterLine’s 130 accredited partner colleges, you’ll receive full course credit for the StraighterLine courses you’ve already taken within your degree plan? That means you’ll have completed part of your degree ahead of time, putting you ahead of the pack. And thousands of other schools outside our partner network have accepted StraighterLine courses for credit.

Take a practice run on a tough course

Maybe you’re nervous about taking an upcoming, challenging class. The low cost of StraighterLine classes allows you to take the course ahead of time to see how you do. This low-price, low-risk option lets you explore all your interests affordably. Even if your credits won’t transfer to your preferred college, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you take the class again. If the credits do transfer, it pays to knock out some tough classes while you’re in StraighterLine’s lower-distraction, self-paced environment. Now that you know how to get ahead on your degree and why it’s important to do so, take a look at all the business classes we offer and browse our list of partner colleges and programs. If you'd like to give self-paced online courses a try, sign up for a Free Trial today.  

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