Creating a Flexible Path to an IT Degree: A StraighterLine Success Story

Beth Dumbauld

Seth_WhitworthSeth Whitworth had years of work experience in the IT field, but he didn’t have a college degree – at least not yet. Though he had “attended college a couple of different times at a couple of different schools” – and acquired many college credits along the way – Seth had reached a point in his career where he was highly motivated to finally complete his bachelor’s.

"I felt like I had reached the ceiling of what I could achieve at work. Any new job that I would be interested in would require 5-10 years of experience and a college degree."

There was just one speed bump slowing him down: finding a flexible and affordable way to complete the electives he needed to finish his IT degree while working full time. Fortunately, he found the cost savings and convenience he needed at StraighterLine and with StraighterLine partner college Colorado State University - Global. We’re excited to share his story with you.

Choosing CSU-Global for a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

When Seth first went back to school, he enrolled at Colorado State University and attended classes on campus - but wasn’t moving as quickly towards his degree as he wanted. That’s when he started researching flexible online degree options with his academic advisor. He learned that Colorado State had a 100% online degree option, Colorado State University - Global.

As he researched the program, he was happy to find out that it would allow him to earn the same degree, but with considerable more flexibility. Because he worked full time during the day, he knew that completing his degree 100% online would be the way to go, and it would allow him to take courses nights and weekends, accommodating his busy schedule.

"I’m not a patient person. Online education helped me expedite [the degree] process and to continue to work full time."

And yet, there were still a few courses standing in his way. He needed to find an alternative way to complete several electives, in addition to those credits previously earned, so he could finish his degree program online as quickly as possible. That’s when he discovered StraighterLine.

Choosing StraighterLine

In order to accelerate the completion of his elective courses, Seth spent some time researching low-cost ways to earn college credit online. By talking with his CSU-Global advisor, he discovered how easy a process it would be to take his elective courses at StraighterLine and transfer them to CSU-Global.

"StraighterLine allowed me to learn material at my own pace."

At the same time, Seth also explored “CLEPing some classes” but didn’t feel comfortable enough with the topics to risk taking an exam without having had a chance to properly learn the material. As he evaluated his two options, he felt StraighterLine would be a far better choice.

StraighterLine Versus CLEP

“StraighterLine allowed me to learn material at my own pace. With CLEP, you need to know the material beforehand. You can’t just take the test and expect to pass,” he said. “With StraighterLine, you know what to study, the courses are spelled out for you, and you get to take practice exams.”

Ultimately, Seth chose to take low-cost StraighterLine courses instead of relying on what he saw as high-risk CLEP exams.

Easy Transfer of Courses

StraighterLine made it easy for Seth to successfully transfer 5 StraighterLine courses to CSU-Global, for a total of 15 credits. In addition to Pharmacology I, Seth also used StraighterLine to save on Anatomy & Physiology I, Introduction to Nutrition, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Personal Finance.

"It can be hard to find the right balance between work, school, and family. But it’s totally worth it to stick it out."

In total, between his StraighterLine courses and his previously completed college courses, AP credits, and Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs), Seth was able to transfer 86 credits into his degree program at CSU-Global, shaving years off his degree.

Advice to Other Online Students

Seth_Whitworth_familySeth has some words of wisdom for other adult learners: “It can be hard to find the right balance between work, school, and family. But it’s totally worth it to stick it out.”

Seth was also quick to acknowledge that he loved StraighterLine for a “combination of reasons,” and was excited to share his top three reasons that working adults should include StraighterLine on their journey back to school:

  1. Cost Savings - StraighterLine cost savings can’t be beat.
  2. Help - Knowing help [online tutoring, student advisors, chat] is there is extremely helpful - and you can use it whenever you need it.
  3. Accelerate Your Degree - StraighterLine courses are all self-paced, so you can go as fast as you want to earn college credit for your degree.

Completing College Flexibly

Thanks to StraighterLine, Seth earned his degree at CSU-Global at the end of the year, achieving a major life goal, and opening his career to a whole new set of possibilities. “Plus, having your degree really feels good!,” says Seth. Congratulations!

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Flexible Path to an IT Degree: A StraighterLine Success Story”

  • alan

    would it be possible to complete the entire degree through straighterline OR if i did multiple credits through straighterline would i be able to do the balance of the degree through a University or College that recognises all the straighterline credits - which colleges are these?

    • Beth Dumbauld

      At StraighterLine, our sole focus in on general education courses and delivering the best possible student experience. Though you do not earn your degree through us, every StraighterLine course is engineered to increase your success, count for credit towards your degree at an accredited college and to save you money. When you enroll at one of our 80+ Partner Colleges, we guarantee that you will receive full course credit for approved classes taken with StraighterLine.

      We recommend that you talk with one of our enrollment counselors directly to get a free degree plan and personalized information about our partner colleges, degree programs and online college courses: (877) 950-7983

      We’d love to welcome you to StraighterLine!

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