Failing a College Class? Here’s What to Do Next

Failing a College Class? Here’s What to Do Next

What could be worse than failing a college class? Or dropping a college class because you’re about to fail? It may seem like it’s the end of the world, especially if this is your first time. It’s not. It used to be. But it’s not now.

Want to see how it works? 

See, just a few years ago, if you failed a class, there was nothing you could do about it except take it again next semester. And if you needed that class to graduate, that meant you wouldn’t be graduating with the rest of your class (unless they offered the class in summer school). Now you have options. Now, if you fail a college class, you can take it again, quickly, at StraighterLine, then transfer those credits to your school.

You May Have Failed a Class Even If You Know the Subject

The reason you failed may not even have anything to do with what you know or how smart you are. Maybe you had to keep missing class because of a job, or family issues. Maybe you didn’t get along with your professor. Maybe the class was at the crack of dawn, and you kept oversleeping. Maybe you froze on the final. Maybe you turned in a paper late. The list of reasons you may have failed a college class is endless.

So What Can You Do If You’ve Failed A College Class?

You can take the class again online at StraighterLine, right away, while it’s still fresh in your brain. At StraighterLine, we offer students multiple attempts of each of our quizzes (except the course final), so you can can get the do-over you need, when you need it – and keep moving forward in your class without having to reenroll. Or you can take the class online again this summer, with no pressure, no deadlines, no pop-quizzes and pre-set test dates. You can take the time you need to prove that you understand the material.

And if you don't understand the material, we have online tutors to help you get it. And if the college class you failed was College Algebra, Precalculus, Statistics, Calculus or Chemistry, we even have hundreds of free educational how-to videos that can help. And then, when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, you can take your final exam, and we’ll help you transfer your credits to your school. Which should be smooth and easy: our courses have been reviewed and recommended by ACE CREDIT for acceptance at hundreds of participating schools, and even transfer automatically to our partner schools on enrollment.


An Alternative to Withdrawing from a Class

Maybe your professor just sucks. Sad, but it does happen. If you are looking down the road to almost certain failure, you may think you only have two options: dropping a class before you fail, or failing a class and taking it again. But there is a third option.

You can enroll in the same class at StraighterLine, at the same time, and take advantage of our online tutors and our materials to help you pass. Our classes are designed for students to succeed without the help of a professor, so the fact that your professor is next to useless isn’t a problem. And if you still don’t pass that other class, you can just complete your course with us and transfer the credits.

Failing a Class Is Not the End of the World

If you failed a class, or are considering dropping a class, it’s easy to beat yourself up. But the fact is, in many instances, the reason you failed a class is that the class, or the school, failed you. They failed to treat you like the unique individual you are, with a real life, real needs, real problems, and real responsibilities.

Here at StraighterLine, we always treat you like a responsible individual. Our self-paced online college courses are designed to allow every student to study when they can, pay what they can afford, and be flexible enough to fit into each unique situation. Even if that situation is helping you when you’ve failed a college class.

Because at StraighterLine, failing a class is not the end of the world… it’s just another challenge we help you overcome on the path to your college degree.

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