Dropping Classes: The messiest break-up ever

Dropping Classes: The messiest break-up ever

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Dropping ClassesBy Danielle Koons It’s been about three weeks since Spring Semester started for most colleges across the nation, and soon the drama will begin. Sometimes you may start a class and realize it isn’t what you’re looking for—or maybe your schedule had to change or a different class fits the credits you need much better. No matter the reason, you need to drop this class. This is when it gets messy. You see, most college classes are VERY clingy. Here’s how a typical ‘dropping of a class’ goes down. Student: Hello, I’d like to drop this class, please. College:   Why? Student: Um…my schedule is too busy for this many credits I guess. College:   You can’t move your schedule around for this class? Student: What? No. I’m sorry. Listen, I just need to drop this class. College:   You’ve been in this class for three weeks now. What changed in that short time? Have you met another class? Student: Wow. No. There isn’t ‘another class’ that I’m leaving this class for. I just need to drop it. Please. College:   After all you’ve done in this class… You disgust me. Well, we can drop it for you… For a small fee. Student: Great. Fine. I’ll pay it. College:   And there will be a “W” for Withdrawn on your transcript. So that forever after the other classes will know that you have a tendency to drop classes for no reason. Student: Are you kidding me? College:   You should have thought about that before you dropped this class. Basically the college brands your transcript with a giant “W” for “wishy-washy student.” Even though you’ve only been in the class for a short time, they want you to remember what a terrible person you are for breaking up with one of their classes. Luckily for us, StraighterLine is much more mature in relationships. StraighterLine realizes that sometimes you just aren’t meant to be together, and wishes you and your new schedule the best in life. With StraighterLine, breaking up isn’t hard to do. In fact, taking classes at StraighterLine is a great way to feel out different subjects without affecting your GPA at another college. And if you decide you don’t like that class after all, StraighterLine lets you drop it without sending you a giant guilt trip about it. (See above.) Example: You are an English major who finds health and the human body to be super awesome. But what if you take Anatomy and Physiology I and you fail? (That class is really hard; ask anyone who has ever taken it.) If you fail that class, your GPA goes down! Solution: Take that class at StraighterLine. It’s cheaper and if you fail the class NOBODY CARES. If you pass the class, you can transfer the credit to your college and voila! You have a credit for Anatomy and Physiology I AND you’ll know just how interesting you think the human body is. Face it, some classes are really freaking hard. There will probably be a class out there that you won’t pass the first time. (Or the second time, but let’s not talk about me.) StraighterLine makes it easy to test the waters in the hard classes. Here’s a list of some of the classes most college kids struggle with:
  • Economics I: Macroeconomics
  • Economics II: Microeconomics
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • American Government
  • General Calculus I
  • General Calculus II
  • Precalculus
  • Business Statistics
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Anatomy and Physiology II
  • General Chemistry I
  • General Physics I
  • Medical Terminology
Did I mention that these classes are also at StraighterLine? If you are a little nervous about passing a class, take it here. You’ve got nothing to lose! With StraighterLine’s help, the only thing your GPA will do is go up! Danielle Koons spends her time going to school for a stupid Bachelor of Science degree, smelling like wet dog (courtesy of her job as a groomer), and pretending to be a famous writer. But not a boring stuffy writer. A cool writer like Lewis Carroll, so she can ignore the “rules” of the English language and make up her own words. Other Posts You Might Enjoy Math is Fun! Applying for Scholarships Or as I like to call it, “Winning at Tuition” Working in the Office vs. Working on The Office I Like to Watch Cops. Do You Want to Be One? Don’t Read This Unless You Want To Help People All about Going Back to School, Buying Books, Dropping Classes and Wishing I Had a Donkey Report on The High Cost of Dropping Out of College

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