Daylight Savings Time: How to Change Your Life in Just One Hour

Daylight Savings Time: How to Change Your Life in Just One Hour

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Daylight Savings Time

In the great scheme of life, an hour doesn’t seem like much. But when we shift our clocks forward this week, we will remember that losing an hour makes a difference – especially when that hour is erased from a weekend. There is a lot of value in one hour, because there are ways to change your life in that short amount of time.  The next time you have a spare hour, here are some suggestions for turning it into progress . .

  • Write down your priorities and plans, and see where you stand with them. Try to be specific. If you are planning to finish college, for example, is something specific stalling you or standing in your way? If so, what single step could you take to roll that roadblock out of your way?
  • List all the assets that are working for you. Try to be specific again. Don’t let false modesty stop you from writing down traits like: your intelligence; your ability to follow through; your knowledge and skills; or the support of your family.  Writing down all the things that are on your side can help you move ahead in a stronger and more empowered way.  As you list them, they could even gel into a plan for what you should be doing in the coming weeks or months of your life.
  • Review and renew your important contacts. Most of us get so busy that we forget all the important people in our network and fail to stay in touch with them: our mentors; our friends; members of the clergy who have made a difference in our lives. You can change that in just one hour, just by remembering them and getting back in touch. You don’t even need a LinkedIn account to contact people, though it can help. Remember that low-tech, near-as-your-hand tool that has been around for decades. I am talking about your telephone. (Email is simple and immediate too.)

Father Time just stole one hour from your clock, but not from your life. Hope that the strategies above sound like a good way to fight back. Other Posts You Will  Enjoy Dropping Classes: The messiest break-up ever Don’t Read This Unless You Want To Help People All about Going Back to School, Buying Books, Dropping Classes and Wishing I Had a Donkey            

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