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Community College vs. StraighterLine: Which Works Harder for You?

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Do you need to take one course to fulfill a requirement before you graduate from your college? Would you like to enroll in a public college or university without going through a complicated and expensive application procedure? If you answered yes to one of those questions, chances are that you already think you know the answer: a community college can solve your problem. You’re thinking logically. Community colleges often offer courses that students need before they can graduate. Those courses are often available over the summer months. And community colleges often offer a streamlined way to get into one of your state’s public colleges or universities. Yet the fact is, StraighterLine’s courses offer you those advantages too, including the opportunity to matriculate at a great college or university without having to take the SAT, ACT, get letters of recommendation, or go through complicated steps before you can get into a traditional college. Because deciding where to take the courses you want is important, here’s some information you should know before you decide whether StraighterLine or a community college offers you the best option: Can you start taking the courses you need immediately?  -          Community College: Could be, but it’s unlikely. Talk to the community college you’re considering to find out. -          StraighterLine: You can enroll today and begin your studies immediately. Can you transfer course credits and enroll in a public college or university after taking courses? -          Community College: You often can. Speak with administrators at the community college you are considering to be sure. -          StraighterLine: StraighterLine offers streamlined credit transfer and admission to a number of excellent colleges and universities, many of which are highly respected public institutions. However, check out the list of StraighterLine Partner Colleges to find out whether the school you are targeting is one of them. Which is cheaper? -          Community College: Visit the website of the community college you are considering, or call to speak with someone in the admissions office. -          StraighterLine:  Review StraighterLine’s pricing plans. With a monthly subscription, you can complete most courses and earn credit for much less money than you could at a community college. Flexibility: Are online courses available if you need them? -          Community College: Visit the website of the community college you are considering, or call to speak with someone in the admissions office to investigate. -          StraighterLine: StraighterLine is a pioneer in online distance learning. All courses are taught online so you can fit your coursework around your job and your family commitments. Related Posts StraighterLine Your Online Community College? Is Your Community College in Crisis? Why Not Turn to Online Learning Instead? Community Colleges in Crisis: Did You Know there’s a Crisis in California?    

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