Community College vs. Online Courses

So, is taking an online course here at StraighterLine better than taking the same course at your community college? Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you make that decision...

  1. Course availability. It is becoming more difficult to enroll in courses in community colleges. Classrooms are sometimes full and courses are being cancelled. In contrast, all the courses at StraighterLine are available 24/7. You can simply enroll and start studying today.
  2. Flexibility. In a traditional classroom course you are going to have to attend every class, complete lessons on time, submit papers on deadline and show up for exams at appointed times. With StraighterLine, you can tackle all those requirements at your own pace and in your own time. If you have having a crunch at your job, for example, you can take an extra week to complete a lesson or unit. So if you need flexibility, StraighterLine classes win.
  3. Cost. In most cases, a three-credit college course will cost you at least $900 at a community college. StraighterLine costs a lot less. If you complete a course in a month or less, you'll only pay around $50 per credit hour. So again, StraighterLine wins.
  4. Ease of transferring credits. You can transfer the credits you earn at community colleges and StraighterLine to other colleges.  So in this area, let’s call it a tie.
  5. Ease of transferring to other colleges. This question is a bit more complex. In many states, it is pretty straightforward to transfer to a four-year state college or university after completing coursework at community colleges in that state. StraighterLine makes it easy too, by offering a streamlined admission process into a select group of Partner Colleges. StraighterLine course have also accepted by 2,000 other colleges and universities.

So what is your best choice? It depends on your needs and educational plans, so investigate your options and be sure to make the choice that is right for you. But if flexibility and convenience are critical for you, online courses at StraighterLine are a great call.

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